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MLM Tips: My Notes From MLMExhibition 2016

So I got invited as a speaker for the MLM Exhibition 2016 In Port Harcourt Nigeria. Apparently the convener of the event had been seeing my work online and had been reading my blog, and flew me on an all expense paid trip to deliver value to the MLM community in Port... read more

Network Marketing Tips – How To Avoid Frustration

Have you ever heard your team members complain of being frustrated when building their business? Have you felt the same way yourself? The fact of the matter is that in building a business inside of network marketing, you are going to face challenges which can seem... read more

Success Tips- 2 Mindset Hacks To Grow Your Business

If you want to be successful, it all begins in the mind and inside of you. Even the best thought leaders and teachers say the same. And that also applies to business. If you are not successful in business, it could be that theres a mindset that needs fixing. So, in... read more

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