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My 10 Biggest Clif Braun Takeaways From Social Marketing

I read this awesome book called Social Marketing, by an awesome MLM Leader, Clif Braun...and I got massive value, which I will share.. But how did I get to meet Clif Braun and read his super duper awesome book? Some months ago, I stumbled on a picture of Todd Falcone... read more

Network Marketing Training: 3 Silly Excuses Holding You Back

I woke up this morning inspired to write about this in today’s Network Marketing Training. I looked at my career inside of Network Marketing and I can tell you I have met all kinds of people. I have met the ones who talked a big game and vanished after a while,... read more

6 Inspirational Robin Sharma Quotes

Robin Sharma is someone I admire so much. He is a best selling author, speaker and performance coach. Some of his works include “The monk who sold his Ferrari”, “How to lead without a title” and “The mastery manual”. Currently I am... read more

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