2 Major MLM Prospecting MistakesIf you want to build a profitable Network Marketing business then you will need to master the art of MLM prospecting.

Prospecting simply  is meeting new people, and getting their eyes in front of your company presentation.

Unfortunately, a lot of people make some serious mistakes when carrying out MLM prospecting, and end up chasing away the prospect, as opposed to getting them interested in your opportunity.

If you have been struggling with prospecting then no worries because…

In todays video I am going to be sharing two major MLM prospecting mistakes most Network Marketers make, and how to avoid them.

MLM Prospecting: The Right Way

The number 1 tip for MLM prospecting is simply “say less to more people”.

If you are saying anything, you want to be asking questions to see if they are open to checking out an opportunity or side project, and if so, then you take their details and direct them to a tool, which could be a video or a home meeting.

Check out an earlier series I did on MLM prospecting:

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Now do check out the video below where I share how some people get it wrong when it comes to MLM prospecting.

VIDEO: 2 Major MLM Prospecting Mistakes

I hope you watched this quick video I shared on MLM prospecting mistakes.  As you can see, your job is to say less to more people, and expose them to a tool, or presentation which does the work for you! Do not make the mistakes I mentioned in the video!

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To your success!

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