Would you like to be a more effective leader? How would you feel if you became a sought after and very powerful leader? How do you think that would impact your Network Marketing business?

As we discussed earlier in the law of the lid, we learned that an organization can never rise above a persons leadership ability. In Network Marketing, this applies, as your organization cannot rise higher than your leadership ability.

So, becoming a better and more effective leader is crucial to building and developing a long term organization.

Chris Widener is a powerful motivational speaker who host’s loads of sold out seminars around the world. Recently, I was listening to his audiobook on leadership mastery, and I got a few tips that I think will add massive value, and I decided to share!

3 Leadership Tips From Chris Widener

People want to know what to do to be a great leader. But you need to focus on being. Who we are drives what we do. People are making their decisions about us based on our character and who they are being. Who we are is who people ultimately follow.

1.Be optimistic –

Great leaders are people who can see the future, and paint an optimistic picture for their followers. They inspire their team to the vision of a grand goal, even though the road might be fraught with obstacles. They say “yes the road might be tough, but if we keep on the path, we will make it”. Being optimistic allows people to follow you, unlike if you’re a pessimistic leader who inspires doom and gloom. People want to follow leaders who demonstrate that the future will be brighter. When things go wrong, leaders ask different questions. “What can we learn from this?” If your company is going through a plateau, or experiencing attrition, its not time to jump to another company or spread doom and gloom. Rather its your job as a leader to be optimistic about the outcome, and this will impact your team positively.

2.Have Integrity

All leaders have integrity. Integrity is from the root word integer. An integer is a whole number. This means as a leader you have to be whole, and not operate from a different set of values under different conditions. Lack of integrity will breed distrust, and people will not allow you to lead or influence them. If a team member brings a prospect to you to help them close, do not try to recruit them. That will only paint a bad picture of yourself.

3. Vision-

leadership tips chris widener

Most great leaders are visioneers.

Chris Widener says “Vision is the spectacular that motivates you to do the mundane” Click to tweet this quote.

If for instance your vision is to be a top earner in Network Marketing, your vision will  pull you to do the mundane tasks and the daily disciplines like prospecting, follow up, and closing.

In your Network Marketing organization, you will need to craft a spectacular vision for your organization which will inspire your group so much that they are all willing to do the mundane tasks. So they might need to go from prospecting 5 people a day to 10 people a day.  They might decide to be more effective presenters.  It all starts with a compelling emotional vision which moves them to take action.


Did you get value from these leadership tips from Chris Widener? I am sure you will agree that if you can follow these tips, you will be well on your way to becoming an effective leader.

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