3 Online MLM Tips To Market Your ProductsWould you like to move more of your MLM products faster, get more customers and create massive sales volume?

In most MLM companies, the more your sales volume, the higher your commission cheques.

So in todays post, I will be sharing 3 online MLM tips you can implement to get more customers for your products and thereby get more customers!

Online MLM Caveat

As you might have heard me re-echo Ray Higdon: Theres two ways to build your business. Marketing and prospecting. Active prospecting means looking for people who might be open to the idea of extra income. Marketing involves putting out content, and value which will attract people to you.

So while focusing on online MLM, supplement it with active prospecting, especially if your income needs to grow fast.

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So here are some online MLM tips to help you get more customers

Create A FaceBook Fan Page-

Facebook MLM prospecting tipsFacebook is free and its easy. You can set up a page in minutes, upload your product pictures and info and begin posting immediately.  If you have a limited budget, no problem! With as little as 1 USD a day, you can boost your posts. Boosting means paying Facebook to show your posts to any target market you define.

Another cool thing about Facebook fan pages are that you can specifically target who you want to see your ads. So I could specify I want women between 30-60 years old, who are self employed, and love alternative medicine.

If you’re serious about getting more customers, creating an Facebook Fan page is one online MLM tip you should be implementing.

Create A Blog And Offer Education Around Your Product Industry-

Online MLM Blog TrainingIf you plan on being around your industry for a long period of time, you should have a blog, either promoting YOU (which is highly recommended) or  you could blog around your product industry.

How? If you are in a health and wellness MLM for example, you could blog around health and wellness. Offer them a free report which could be “5 tips for eating healthy” or ” why you should supplement your diet”, and then offer it to your site visitors in exchange for their email.

Once you begin building a list of subscribers, you can build a relationship with them by offering value, and then you can throw in a PS asking them to check out the supplement you have to offer.  This is quite long term, but works.

Use Classified Ads-

This is my favorite. Just google “classified ads” in your area and just sign up for them. Most of them are free. You can put up your products and services for sale, and invite them to phone, contact or whatsapp you for more information. I got a major business builder who put 20 people into my team from this approach.

Bonus Online MLM Tip

In everything I have described above, have a sort of call to action, inviting prospects and customers to reach you via phone, Skype, etc.

Did you get major value from these online MLM tips? You can begin implementing them right away, and most of them will not cost you a penny to implement! If you set this up well, you can have interested customers reaching out to you about your products, and you will get more customers and generate more sales volume!

Leave me a comment if you got value from these online MLM tips and feel free to share with your teammates!

To your success!

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