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So I am currently reading “The 50th Law”  by Robert Greene and 50 Cent, and I  came  across some powerful tips I decided to share. Robert Greene is the best selling  author  of “48 laws Of Power”, “The Art of seduction” and others. 50 Cent needs  no  introduction. The rapper turned businessman is one of the most powerful faces in  the  American Hip Hop industry, and one of the richest men in hip hop.

So I am guessing some of you are wondering what 50 Cent can teach you about  business? He has a very interesting story about raising himself and surviving on the  streets of Queens, NY, pushing drugs, but he was able to leave all that behind, and pull  himself up to become one of the most influential businessmen in the USA, and he was  able to do this using the fearless approach


So here some of the tips I got from the book which I want to share, on how to be fearless and can be applied to your life and your Network Marketing business

Be Fearless-

This is actually the sum total of the 50th Law.  Like I said in my previous post about living an extraordinary life, a lot of people will try to force you into their own perceptions of life, and what they think you should do or be. You need to be fearless. Stop being afraid of peoples opinions, and stop being afraid of being on your own and running your life. Fearlessly celebrate and express the fact that you are different. Embrace being different. Embrace the fear, and use it to push you towards achieving that vision you are working towards. If you look at this in the context of Network Marketing, what we do is totally different from conventional wisdom. Most people out there believe in going to get a safe secure job. Being on a different path might feel scary at times, but embrace it, and be fearless.

Sharpen Your Mind-

One lesson 50 Cent learned on the streets is that the greatest danger any hustler out there faces is the mind growing dull and the eye going soft.  Our culture is filled with a lot of distractions like TV, social media, fantasy, pornography, chat apps and the likes. These, if not controlled, have the tendency to dull your mind and tune you out of reality. You must not let this happen to you. Your mind has to be constantly strengthened by reading books, listening to positive audio materials, and being around people who stretch your mind. When your mind is sharp and at alert, you will be able to see clearly and make better decisions that can push you toward your goals. All top earners in Network Marketing have very sharp minds, as they are constantly growing, and expanding their knowledge. Acquiring knowledge is definitely one major way on how to be fearless.

Embrace Reality

You really want to know how to be fearless? Let reality teach you lessons. Learn to look at life as it is, not as you wish it could be.  Observing reality will allow you to take note of the changes you need to make to get to the next level. If you’re in business or Network Marketing, look at your team. Is there growth? If not, what can you do? Are you recruiting regularly? If not, why? Embrace the reality, identify the problem, and do what you need to do to hit your goal.

I am still currently reading the 50th Law, but some of these tips were so powerful, I just had to share. If you got value from these tips on how to be fearless, drop me a comment, comment, like, and share with your teammates!

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