4 MLM Prospecting Tips For Building RapportIf you want to get the best results in your MLM prospecting and recruiting efforts, you will need to learn how to build rapport (or build a connection) with your prospects.

Building rapport is about making your prospect feel a connection with you, identify with you, and trust you.

Its been proven time after time, that people only do business with other people whom they like, know and TRUST. (Click to tweet)

So get out a pen and paper and I am going to share 4 MLM prospecting tips which will guide you in building rapport with your prospects!

4 MLM Prospecting Tips For Building Rapport

1. Get and use the prospects name as often as possible– Dale Carnegie in his fabulous book “How to win friends and influence people” made a very amazing quote

“A persons name, is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language” (Click To Tweet)

So using the prospects name as often as possible  in the prospecting conversation. will go a long way to building rapport and increases your success in MLM prospecting, whether online or offline.

Want the other 3 MLM prospecting tips on building rapport?  Then watch the video below!

Did you watch the video, and did you get some cool ideas on how you can easily build rapport and a connection with your prospects? If you did, do like, comment, and share, and above all, take action and I am sure you would see massive results in your MLM prospecting.

To your success!

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