A major mistake people make in online MLM Are you interested in getting more leverage out of your Online MLM marketing efforts?

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A lot of people are now using the internet to market their businesses online and on social media.

While that is a good thing, a lot of people are doing it wrong, and giving the online MLM space a very bad rep.

So I am going to share a major mistake people are making in online MLM marketing and hope this should help you.


How Most People Do Online MLM Especially On  Facebook

No Relationship Or Rapport Building-

Imagine walking on the road and someone jumped out at you, without even saying hello or building some small rapport, and began telling you of an Amazing opportunity, which paid bonuses till infinity and a wonderful product with a high ORAC score. Sounds crazy right? But most people do this on Facebook and social media. I get hit with so many things like that daily its annoying.

Tagging People With Your Products

This is lazy. I had to speak to someone who was tagging me in posts about his company products knowing I was in another Network Marketing company.  This approach is spammy, and gives us a bad name.

Check Out This Video Where I Share A Major Mistake People Make In Online MLM

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