I have worked with people during my MLM career, and I have had people drop out, and later say the industry does not work. Its made me ponder as to the reason why people do not succeed or drop out of Network Marketing, and after some thought I identified a major reason why people drop out of Network Marketing.

Lack of a Burning Desire. AKA COMMITMENT. Die Hard Commitment.

Sounds a bit basic, but its the truth.

In Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, he talks about a “Burning Desire” as the first step for riches. In applying this to MLM, You need to have a white hot heat of desire to succeed in your MLM business badly enough. In fact, after God, and family, your MLM business must come next.

Most people do not have that degree of desire, and since their desire to succeed is not strong, they will melt away at the first sign of opposition, and likely complain that “it doesn’t work”.

My company CEO interviewed all the top earners on my company presidential council and all of them had the mindset of …“I either succeed at this, or DIE trying”.

A popular motivational speaker once said, “When you want success as badly as you want to breathe underwater, then it will come”.

Thats what you need to succeed. Not wishy washy, whiny commitment and blaming it all on your upline, autoships, the company and the comp plan.

So ask yourself this question.

How badly do you want to walk across the stage at your company’s next event?

How badly do you want to be a top earner in your company?

How badly do you want to make a difference and fulfill your “why” (The reason you got into MLM in the first place)

How badly do you want success in Network Marketing?

Your answer will determine how far you’d go, and how long you’d stay the course.

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