Cold Market Prospecting- How To Get A Prospects Number

Are you actively carrying out cold market prospecting but you are  struggling with how to get the prospects phone number?  If so its  understandable. If you are doing cold market prospecting (people who  are not your friends and family), then getting the prospects number is a  crucial step.  Once you have the prospects number then you can follow  up with a phone call and invite them to see a presentation. So in this  video I am going to share two tips for getting a prospects number, both  online and offline.

Cold Market Prospecting Training

Theres two ways you can do cold market recruiting, and that is online and offline.

Online cold market recruiting-

I basically prospect using Facebook and other social media. After I have reached out to the prospect, and the prospect has replied, asking for some information, I usually use some cold market prospecting scripts like “Thats a very sharp reply. I would be more than happy to give you more information. I’m not always on Facebook. Do you have a number to reach you on? Mine is XXXXXXXXXX”. Now, human beings are wired to reciprocate. Once I drop my number, 9 out of 10 times, they drop theirs. BOOM. And I exit the conversation. Next for me would be to follow up with a phone call, schedule an appointment and invite to see a presentation.

Offline cold market recruiting-

This is the sort of cold market prospecting I guess most people would be familiar with. For me, I like to meet people in non threatening environments like churches or seminars. And in these places, its a simple enough matter to smile, introduce yourself, ask what the other person does, and collect a business card or phone number. I was at a seminar last saturday and I got the phone numbers of the four people sitting on either side of me.  Now, If the prospect is giving off negative energy, I don’t bother. Why? Because I don’t want negative people on my team! Simple.

It might be a bit weird in the beginning, but I believe the video below sharing some network marketing cold market tips will help you greatly.

Cold Market Prospecting Training Video

Was that helpful? If so, feel free to share with your teammates and drop a comment.  What if all members of your team took their cold market prospecting to a new level? What would that mean to you? A new rank or bigger bonus check maybe? So go out, take action, and follow my training.

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To your success!

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