MLM Inner Circle Coaching

MY MLM Inner Circle Coaching Program

How to take your MLM business to the next level, stop earning peanut commissions, and begin climbing the ranks in your Network Marketing company!

Dear Frustrated Network Marketer:

ARE YOU facing any of the MLM challenges below?

  • YOU Not Recruiting ANYONE into your downline?

  • YOU NOT being able to talk to people?

  • YOU Having team members quit on YOU

  • YOU Running out of people to talk to? Including friends and family?


  • ARE YOU Afraid Of Rejection?

  • Your Upline Abandoning You/ Quitting?


If YOU are facing any of the above challenges in your Network Marketing business, and you know you are more than where you are, and you want to go to the next level, then I can help…

After failing so many times in Network Marketing and finally going on to recruit close to over 40 people and counting, I know your pain…

You might probably have searched google for “MLM Coach” or “MLM Coach in Nigeria” or even “MLM consulting”….looking for help!

I promise to hold you by the hand, and help you work through your fears, and help you identify your areas of weakness, so you can improve your business!

I wish I had someone hold my hand like this, when I just started out in MLM!

Adewale Adebusoye

WARNING: If you are not ready to go to the next level, and invest in yourself, please leave this page NOW and go watch my free videos.  This is not for you, and you might probably keep struggling in your business until you change your mindset and learn to invest in yourself.

But if you are ready to take your business to the next level…

If you are tired of struggling and crawling, and of seeing other people walking across the stage at your company events year after year, and NOT YOU…

Then check out my 30 day MLM consulting package  and lets get to work!!

Here are the benefits to you!

  1. A half day intensive coaching with me. I look over your shoulder and into your business. No hype, no fluff, and no BS

  2. Once a week  accountability sessions via email for 30 days

  3. Recorded audio of the coaching session for you to refer to over and over

  4. An action plan and clear defined goals for your MLM business

  5. Social Media Game Plan: How to set yourself up on social media and attract quality prospects to you!

  6. Private Access to our ProMLM closed coaching group on Facebook

  7. Daily Mode of operation to dominate your MLM business

The original price for this package is worth  N50,000 (160 USD)

I have had a lot of people reaching out to me on Facebook, via email, from Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria who have been begging me to help them in their business, and who have even offered to pay me more for me to spend time with them…

A lot of people have told me I have been giving away too much for free..

Most Network Marketers will not want to share their “secrets”

But I am not holding anything back!

So just because I  want to help you succeed in MLM… You can have access to this consulting package of mine for the measly and pitiful price of just  


For a 30 day MLM personal mentoring and coaching program !

If you cannot invest N50,000 (160 USD)  on coaching for your business then I am sorry to say you are not serious about success in your business, and I wish you good luck and God speed. You will need it!

But if you are tired of struggling in your MLM business and seeing others raking in the big bucks apart from you…

Let Me Recap The Benefits Of This Consulting Package

  1. Half day personal coaching with me. We go deep. And I give it to you straight. If you are easily offended, this might not be for you!
  2. We identify your pain areas and your fears
  3. We map out an action plan
  4. You also get weekly accountability sessions with me via mail (once a week for 1 month), where you will send me a report of your weekly activities
  5. You get our recorded coaching session sent to you via email, so you can always refer to it.
  6. I share killer secrets and strategies and Network Marketing tips your UPLINE probably did not tell you!!

Here is how to order.

Pay Via Direct Bank Deposit Here

Note: You may also pay via Internet bank transfers if you have access to that facility. Just send us the transaction Id along with the other details below.

Account Name:
Adewale John Adebusoye

Bank One: GTBank
Account Number: 00-111-32900

When you pay via bank deposit, send us the following details via email to help us verify your payment.

Full Name:
Teller Number:
Bank Paid Into:
Amount Paid:
Phone Number:
Date of Payment:

All the details above should be sent with the SUBJECT title:
Payment For MLM Consulting.
Send email to ade(at), replace (at) with @.

If you are out of Nigeria, do send an email to with subject line: international coaching, so we can discuss payment options.

Imagine if after consulting with me, you get up to hit the top ranks in your company, qualify for your company car award, and trip incentives….won’t this money have been well invested?

The people who fail in MLM are those who are too afraid to invest in themselves.

Take action!

Till we talk again!

Adewale Adebusoye

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