I am smiling as I am writing this post. Smiling because in the course of my MLM/Network Marketing/Personal development journey, I have come across people who think they can get away from investing in themselves.

I can predict your success in MLM by the books and trainings on MLM and personal development you are consuming currently. The leaders on your team are the ones reading books, and listening to audios and sharpening their MLM skills.

I come across people who say they want success, and who whine, pray, and tell everyone they want success, but will not invest a dime in buying books, audio programs and courses to further their education. I remember my upline telling a lady at one of our opportunity seminars, that there were books she needed to read in order for her to succeed in the business. The lady responded by saying “She didn’t have time” to read. We both shook our heads. The lady wanted the results the top earners had, but was unwilling to pay the price that a top earner (my upline) had paid.

Very sad, and very indicative of a get-rich-quick mentality.

In any profession, and not just MLM, if you do not invest in your education, and in becoming an expert in your field, and keeping abreast of new developments, then you’re just an amateur, and should not complain if you do not get results. In fact, people who do not invest in themselves, are treating their business like a hobby, and a part time thing. Of course they will tell you otherwise. The excuse that cracks me up is when you see a new rep unwilling to invest in themselves and buy a new book, because they feel subconsciously that “Oh, he just wants more money from me”.

Watch the video below where I talk more about the importance of self investment. This is also one of the common causes of failure in MLM.

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