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Have you ever tried prospecting on social media, and seemed to have no success?  If yes, then you’re not alone. Social Media is one of the biggest things out there for building your MLM business, so it makes sense to prospect on social media.

Watch the short video below on some simple tips to help with your social media MLM recruiting.

Why Do Social Media MLM Prospecting?

One thing most people in Network Marketing struggle with is prospecting. Actually reaching out and talking to people. Lets face it. Some people are so scared of talking to strangers in person, they would rather let the fear win than actually push through and connect.

Social media allows you to reach a lot of people without necessarily going out and hustling on the street, which I have seen people do. And you can also position yourself professionally on social media.

Common Mistakes In Social Media MLM Prospecting.


However, a lot of people make mistakes when prospecting on social media. I can tell you one mistake for free, which is spamming your company replicated link all over the place, as opposed to actually reaching out and connecting professionally with actual people.

If you go into most MLM or Network Marketing groups on Facebook, all you see are things like:

“Join my team, we pay unlimited bonuses till infinity”

“No autoships, no recruiting, no selling. Our system delivers money into your paypal everyday!”

And all sorts of similar messages, which I guarantee will not attract any serious leads into your business.

If you want to improve your social media MLM prospecting numbers, then watch this video where I share some easy social media mlm prospecting tips.

Hope you got value from this. Especially if you are actively trying to build your business on Facebook especially. I will be sharing some more training on social media MLM prospecting tips in upcoming blog posts.

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