In one of my company events which held recently, our CEO gave a training in which he described the four stages in Network Marketing. The four stages are:

  1. Building Stage
  2. Management Stage
  3. Questioning Stage
  4. Quitting Stage

The building stage is where you first join the business, and begin pushing HARD. You expose the business to everyone you meet, and you begin to sign up people and build a team. You are happy and motivated to keep going.

The Management Stage – When you have signed up 5-10 new reps, you begin managing them, sending them lots of emails, telling them what to do, etc. You ease off on your highest profit building activity, which is prospecting and building (Stage 1).

The Questioning Stage: When you manage your team, since you have stopped active enrolment, and your people will only do what you do, they also sign up people and go into management mode. You begin to see your checks grow smaller and smaller, and you begin questioning this industry, especially as you are no longer moving through the ranks.

The Quitting Stage: After months of being stuck at stage 3, you convince yourself that this industry is not worth it, especially as there is no activity on your team, and your business is yielding little or no profit. And then you quit, and go around telling people that either Network Marketing is a scam or that it didn’t work for you.

Now, look at these four stages, and ask yourself if you are in any of them, if you find your self in any stage, apart from the first stage, there is a problem.

You see, here’s a little secret, there are not four stages in Network Marketing. There is just one stage, which is the building stage! You need to constantly keep recruiting! Never stopping. You can send mails to your team, and encourage them, and help them out ( a little of stage 2) but YOU MUST NEVER STOP BEING IN STAGE 1!!

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