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In our Team training today, one of the topics we discussed were the four major traits of  Top Earners in Network Marketing. Those abilities that set them apart from the crowd and enable them to perform at peak levels, making them top earners in their respective companies. If any of these are missing, you might most definitely struggle in MLM.

    • Doubtless Conviction– In order to become a top earner in Network Marketing, you need doubtless conviction. You need to be convinced deep in your bones, and your spirit, that Network Marketing works, and is the only vehicle that can create residual income for you in the long term.. Please reread the last line. If you are not fully 100% convinced that this industry works, then it will affect your belief, and repel prospects. You will not go far in this business and will quit when the storms come (and they will….trust me!)
    • Ruthless consistency– Everyone and anyone can start something…but it takes consistency to finish it. Consistency is carrying out the disciplines and the actions over and over again until the desired results are achieved. It means taking those actions irrespective of obstacles, or your feelings. You need to be ruthless with prospecting, invitation, presentation, and follow ups, over and over again in order to be a success. This is something you will observe in every one of the top earners in Network Marketing.
    • Matchless commitment– If you are to be one of the top earners in Network Marketing, or a Network Marketing superstar, your commitment must be matchless. Your team needs to look at you, and see your commitment. They need to know that if they want to be a top earner, they have to MATCH and BEAT your commitment. Your team will model your actions. If they do not see you prospecting, attending training’s, and meetings, they will not do the same. It all starts with you.
  • Tireless continuityThere are no failures in this business. Only quitters. Quitters never win, and winners never quit. There are times you will feel like giving up, and this is where your character will show. Perseverance is a vital ingredient to success in this business. Winston Churchill defined success as “going from failure to failure without any loss in enthusiasm”. Top earners in Network Marketing keep at it. They have eliminated words such as “I can’t, It’s impossible, I feel discouraged”, etc from their vocabulary, and keep pressing on toward success.

And as a bonus point…

Endless improvement.- A lot of people claim they want to succeed in this business, and are not willing to read books, listen to audios, or attend trainings. Its just laughable. My upline once said..“This business is not built by strength, but by ideas”. Self development is an endless journey. The more you read, and study, the more you realize you do not know, and it inspires you to keep working. Every one of the top earners in Network Marketing is a reader. And we know that all leaders are readers. The difference between where you are now, and the next level is one idea that’s hidden in a book. Commit to endless improvement, or CNEI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement) like Anthony Robbins puts it.

I hope you will be able to take these points and work them into your life in your journey to becoming one of the true top earners in Network Marketing..

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