EXPOSED! The Little Known Japan Herb (Earlier Despised By Doctors) That Gets Rid Of Fibroids Naturally WITHOUT Life-Threatening Surgery!”

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Dear Friend:

What You Are About To Read Has (JUST RECENTLY) Been Approved By The Following International Bodies -Including The “Almighty” NAFDAC.

  • Are you struggling to get rid of fibroids and frustrated you haven’t been successful despite all your efforts? 
  • Are you terrified you will not be able to have children?
  • Are you always in pain, especially, lower back pain?
  • Do you experiencing irregular, heavy and/or prolonged menstrual bleeding and painful cramping during menstrual period?
  • Are you having Constipation, discomfort in the lower abdomen, frequent urination, heavy painful periods, pain in the legs, and swelling in the lower abdomen? 

If your answer to any of these is “Yes”, then...

I Have Good News For You.

If You Want To Get Rid Of Fibroid NATURALLY, Without Dangerous Surgery, Then Pay Attention To Every Word On This Page Very Carefully....

In Japan..

 The people, especially women, have been eating a plant called, "Gobo" for at least the last 600 years, right since the 14th century.  

It is often sliced thinly into coin-shaped pieces, fried and served as a chip-like snack.  

They also use it is also an essential ingredient in the Japanese dish kimpira, a type of salad made with Gobo root cut into long strips, carrot, dried chili peppers and soya bean sauce.  

The long root is also commonly added to rice and served and served with sushi.

Sometimes, they eat the young, tender leaves.  

How they eat it is not the point.

The point is, some clever guy

   Discovered That Gobo Shrinks Fibroids!  ...

 News of this discovery spread like wildfire burning right in the middle of dry harmattan season

  And suddenly demand for it around the world tripled!  

Drug companies, supplement manufacturers and harvesters poured into Japan looking for this miracle herb.

The demand was so much that at one time, the Japanese Government seriously considered restricting it’s export and labeling it a

   "National Miracle!"

Thank God they didn’t.

But even if they did, you’re still in luck, because researchers have found a way to make gobo, also known as “burdock root” available in great quantities outside Japan.  

In fact, many of them made sure to grow it so that they didn’t have to go back there anytime they needed it.  

But what does all of this have to do with you?

  Plenty If You Have Fibroid!

You see, the big reason why any woman, including you gets fibroid is not because of some charm somebody sent your way from the village.

No the reason you have fibroid is  

  These Two Reasons.

One: Genes

You are very likely to have Fibroids if you are African or a black American or someone from the black race, and your mother, sister or someone in your direct family lineage has had it in the past.   This genetic trait in black people cause what is know as...  

Two: Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen dominance causes the uterus to grow, and without the monthly balancing effect of progesterone, it doesn't have the proper signals to stop growing.

In women whose genes are susceptible, this results in fibroids.  

Some fibroids can grow to the size of a grapefruit or cantaloupe.

It starts from a single cell growing abnormally (mutation).

These cells overproduce large amounts of collagen and other proteins.  

The cells now feed off the presence of estrogen in your body and grow in size.

And in it's desire to grow even more, fibroids then use special proteins found in the bloodstream, called growth factors, which are produced by cells in the body to stimulate fibroid growth.  

These enzymes convert androgens (male hormones made by the ovary and the adrenal gland) into estrogens within the fibroid cells, so the fibroid cells and swell up drastically, covering different parts of your uterus in no time.  

I know the English may be too hard for you to understand right now, but one thing I am thankful of is that,

  Fibroid Is Not A Cancer!

However, it causes a lot of havoc. Like: 

  • Lower back pain and spinal injury which can lead you to paralysis.
  • Early rise of labour in the off-chance pregnancy occurs causing recurrent spontaneous abortions/miscarriage
  • Prevents conception by blocking the fallopian tubes when it prevents fertilization and migration of the ovum (egg), leading to infertility.  
  • Increased urination by pressing on the bladder leading to kidney failure (this surely can lead to death).  
  • Heavy and/or prolonged menstrual bleeding.
  • Excruciating pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Swelling or enlargement of uterus even without pregnancy may occur.
  • Etc.

To be free of these issues, you have to remove it!

 Here’s why.  

The biggest mistake people make when they want to remove fibroid is they listen to lying, greedy doctors who tell them that the only solution is a hysterectomy.  

A hysterectomy is a type of surgery to remove tumours from the body.

If you use it for Fibroid,  

These Three Things Will Happen! 

  1. Death: You can die, simple.

Hysterectomies cause thousands of deaths from blood loss or surgical complications.

That’s why every woman who gets a recommendation for a hysterectomy should seek a second opinion.  

2. Barrenness: Surgery can cause barrenness.

The most common course of action a doctor takes when a patient comes in with a fibroid is to remove the uterus.

The explanation given is that a fibroid is too difficult to remove without irreversibly damaging the uterus.  

This is because fibroids most times block the fallopian tubes which is where a woman’s eggs pass through from the ovary to the uterus to be fertilized by a sperm.  

Removing fibroid via surgery, which is achieved by using sharp objects to do it will damage the fallopian tubes, and also damage the uterus itself because the fibroids grow on the walls of the uterus!  

But in most cases this is no longer true.

Fibroid can be completely removed without the need for surgery.

If you are planning to have children, do not listen to any lying doctor.

AND do not have a surgery to remove fibroid!

You've Been Warned! 

3. Re-Occurrence: Removing fibroid via a hysterectomy does not always work.

You may have heard about women who had an operation for fibroid and then later the fibroid came back, right?  

This is because when you remove a Fibroid via surgical means, you are merely treating the effect and not the cause.

Treating the effect is cutting out the tumour with a surgical knife. Parts of it are still remaining, and will grow again.  

This means you will have to do yet another surgery, spending even more money.  

And if you are lucky and survive the first surgery, will you survive the second one?  

What you need is a method that works from the inside, something that attacks the tumour “from the root” and can completely kill the bad cells

Once And For All! 

 How do you do this?  

You use...  

A combination of herbs scientifically proven to work in combination to achieve this.  

This combination of herbs is called...    


What is GOBOMAX™, you ask?  

But before I tell you about how to get it, let me tell what GOBOMAX™ is and contains..

This Is A Natural Therapy With International Seals Of Certification.  

 The International Aloe Science Council is a non-profit trade organization for the Aloe Vera industry world-wide comprising Physicians, scientists and researchers etc, as memberships.

 The product has the prestigious Kosher Seal (which makes it acceptable to the Jews. 

The Jews don't take anything that isn't 100% natural. 

Infact, they don’t even take bread with yeast!

They believe in no additives.

Halal is an Arabic term which means allowed, lawful, legal, or permissible. It is scientifically accepted that a Halal certificate is a guarantee of genuineness and best quality.

Our own National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).  

 GOBOMAX™ is the name we have coined for a bottle of sweet liquid supplement made by an Oklahoma, United States of America based company. 

  "Note: The name of the supplement  is not GOBOMAX™, our Fibroid therapy has 5 different components and GOBOMAX™ is a collective  name we have chosen to represent them"

 It is made up of 174 of nature’s finest natural ingredients in one bottle, which works at the cellular level to help plug in the body’s nutritional gaps.  

These herbs include the... 


The graviola also known as in Nigeria as soursop, and in other parts of the world as custard apple, or Brazilian pawpaw, has been cultivated in Peru since at least 1,000 years ago.

It’s bark, root, leaves, fruit and seeds is used for medicinal use in the treatment of diabetes, indigestion, intestinal parasites and even certain types of cancer.

Then theres the fabulous 


As far back as more than 700 years, Amazonian Indian tribes used this fruit, Camu camu, to effectively help treat infections, decrease pain, strengthen joints and even maintain long life.

Today, scientists have found that the camu camu fruit is rich in Vitamin C and contains 30 to 60 times more vitamin C than an orange or lemon.

The camu camu berry is also an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and various amino acids.

Besides its vitamin and mineral content, the fruit is also rich in anthocyanins, amino acids, flavonoids and has very strong antioxidant activity.  

And we also have the


Known as the "Queen of Fruits, mangosteen fruit, which comes from a tree that does not die, has been used for thousands of years in Chinese, and Indian Ayurvedic folk medicine in Asia to treat conditions that affect the flesh.  

Rich in xanthones and antioxidant-packed nutrients, mangosteen is a wonderfully delicious superfood which helps purify the blood, flushes away toxins in it.  

There are over 100 more herbs inside GOBOMAX™ but the one I want you to know about is 

Burdock Root 

  Otherwise Known As 



 Let me tell you about Gobo.  

"Gobo" or Burdock root as it is more commonly known today, was accidentally found to hold the key to purifying the blood of "dirt" and clearing the blood of estrogen, the chief cause of fibroids in women.  

In combination with the three herbs listed above, and the over 100 others including noni, ashwagandha, bladderwrack, and others, and based on the results we have seen and the thousands of testimonies we have received, gobo eliminates fibroids from your body in as little  as 3 - 6 months.  

It also..

  •  Purifies the blood of "dirt" and clears it of estrogen, the chief cause of fibroids in women.   
  •  Eliminates the need for painful, costly and life threatening surgery.
  •  Lower chronic abdominal pain will become a thing of history. 
  •  Painful heavy menstrual flow will go away forever.
  • Flattens your bloated stomach.
  • And.....

 Restores Your Fertility, Making It Possible For You To Bear Children Again!

And yes it will do all of this, without surgery.  

Never again will you suffer.

Never again will you run around confused, and desperate, with no idea what to do.

GOBOMAX™ will rescue you, starting today.  

Now to effectively treat Fibroid, you need at one case of GOBOMAX™ which contains 3 big bottles.

Sometimes you will need more than three bottles, depending on how severe the fibroid is.

Women who have had their fibroid for a longer time usually require more than three bottles, but generally one case of three bottles is enough.  

That’s all you need to buy to get started on the road to recovery and a happy, renewed life.  

 Some Testimonies Of Women Like You, Who Used GOBOMAX™

" I was initially very skeptical about the product, and especially the pricing. 

When I took just 1 bottle of GOBOMAX™, my body was able to expel the fibroid.

Thank you so very much!"

Mrs W From Ibadan

 The picture of the Fibroid that GOBOMAX™ helped her remove from her body....

"When I saw your advert on social media, I felt it wasn't true, but I decided to give it a trial, and I got my product delivered and began to use GOBOMAX™. 

Some weeks later I went for a scan and my doctor confirmed my fibroid had shrunk down to almost peanut size.

Thank you very much for giving me my groove back"

Miss Adeola from Lagos

"Anytime I  would go and see the doctor about my Fibroids, the first thing he would do is prep me for surgery.

When I began to take GOBOMAX™, after just half a big bottle, I went back for a scan, and the doctor confirmed that the Fibroid had shrunk, and I did not have to be prepped for surgery! 

God bless you!"

Miss B from Lagos

Now, apart from just the 1 month pack of GOBOMAX™...

 In Addition,

With each bottle of GOBOMAX™ you buy, you also get.....


  • Free Shipping Anywhere In Nigeria  : We will send the bottles over to you, FREE of CHARGE. You do not have to pay anything extra. 
  • Free Training on how to use GOBOMAX™ to eliminate fibroid and it’s other health benefits.

 FREE Bonus: GOBOMAX™ FIBROID SOLUTION EBook (N5,000 value)  

 This Breakthrough 9- page PDF report will teach you:

  • All the components In GOBOMAX™ that can help shrink Fibroid
  • How GOBOMAX™ detoxifies your liver, helping to shrink Fibroid
  • The secret "Accelerated Dosage Method" which guarantees the permanent destruction of the Fibroid..
  • And lots more!

This report will be mailed to you FREE, when you purchase GOBOMAX™ from us! 

 How Much Is GOBOMAX™, You Ask?

 I’ll be honest with you…

Each bottle of GOBOMAX™ is usually sold for N18,500, and if you have to get our Break Through Ebook with it, it would cost you N23,500 (MINUS shipping).

But because I am committed to helping you fight fibroid, if you act fast and order today, you will get one bottle of GOBOMAX™ for only... 

 =N=22,500  per bottle

 If You Order Within The Next 7 Working Days!

(For large orders of 3 bottles and above, you get to pay ONLY N17,500 per bottle) 

 Why am I giving you this generous discount?  


Because I want you to start using GOBOMAX™ as soon as possible so you can start seeing it’s almost magical effects in your system immediately.  

 The longer you wait, the longer that fibroid is destroying your WOMB damaging it beyond repair.

Do you want to wait one more day, now that you have been lucky enough to stumble on a solution, while the fibroid is eating you up inside?  

I am giving you this time limited discount so you can start solving your problem today, not tomorrow.


I am taking a lot of loss into account, giving this discount.

If you try to get it outside, you will end up missing the great benefit of our Ebook that explains how to get the best results.

Good luck.

You might be thinking this is overpriced?

And you’re right. GOBOMAX™ is horribly overpriced…if you’re used to getting cheap, flaky treatments that don’t work from Mallams patrolling streets and sidewalks in your area, selling from cars that even my panel-beater will reject.

Yes, my sister….it is overpriced, if you’re loking for a cheap solution to a life-threatening situation that even your Doctor cannot solve, yet he will take your money and perform a useless surgery on you. (Even your first surgery was more expensive –and it is rarely the last).

Thinking it’s overpriced is what happens if you’re tired of fighting and you just want to surrender your dreams to fibroids…in that case, you want to walk away and close this page, right now.

But IF you still have some fight in you, and you want to say to Fibroids..”Wrong number!”, then order your bottle right now.

Let GOBOMAX™ rid your body of fibroids today!

And to protect you, to make sure you are safe and that you buying this product, I am giving you what I call my  

 6-Month 100% “No More Fibroid” Guarantee   

 If you buy GOBOMAX™ and use it over the next 6 months, and it doesn’t eliminate your fibroid or you see no benefit from it at all, simply send us an email at and we will promptly refund you 100% of the money you paid to buy the product, in FULL, no questions asked.  

And that’s not all… If you buy GOBOMAX™ and use it over the next 6 months, and you see no benefit from it at all, I will PERONALLY PAY YOU N50,000 FOR YOUR TROUBLE in addition to your 100% refund.

Why am I doing this?  

Because I want you to see that I know this product WILL help you, so much that I am willing to remove all the risk away from you and put it all on myself.  

You will receive along with your package my contact phone number and address so that if I ever fail in this promise, you can always trace me and do whatever you want to me.  

Now you see, there’s nothing to fear at all.

All the power is now in your hands. It either works for you or you get your money back in full,

Here's How To Order:   

To Order For GOBOMAX™ now

Send An SMS with

  1. The number of bottles you want, 
  2. Your Name: 
  3. Your Delivery Address:  
  4. Your Phone Number(s):  
  5. Your email (for your free Ebook)

 To  08034709328 or 08025046152

Note: Your address should include your Local Government Area  


3 bottles, Mrs Njideka Chioma, No 3, Alapere Estate, Ketu, 0807777777,


Once We receive your text message, one of our customer executives will acknowledge your text message and thereafter confirm your order before we proceed with the delivery process.  

For deliveries outside Lagos state, and main lagos, it takes between 3-5  working days

While deliveries within Lagos state ONLY takes between 24-36 hours and is FREE!

Due to the case of the Jumia man who was murdered, we no longer encourage “cash on delivery”.

Now wait…

 If You Don’t Buy GOBOMAX™ Today,What Else Will You Do??

 What alternative do you have?  


Remember that surgery will not eliminate your fibroid.

In fact, it will worsen it because the fibroid will grow again…and it usually worse than the first time.

You don’t want to put yourself at risk of segregation and isolation especially in this our African society that blames everything on the woman…

My friend’s father rejected her after her 4th surgery…

Yes, she had 4 surgeries in the United Kingdom.

And her father denied her, and said she’s cursed.

You don’t want this to happen to you…. you may not even survive it.

Or do you want to take chances?

Tola confided in me that despite those 4 surgeries, the Fibroid still came back!!

And even if you are lucky and survive, the surgery could cause irreparable damage to your body making it impossible for you to have children.

If you are an unmarried woman or a young wife who hasn’t yet had her own children or you want more children, is this what you want?  

Surgery on a Fibroid will cost you anywhere between =N=300,000 to =N=500,000.

For an operation, that is risky, and will cause permanent damage, I think that is silly.

Compare it to buying a bottle of GOBOMAX™ for just =N= 22,500 without surgery, and which will remove the root cause and ensure it never comes back, which one do you think is a better option?  

Now get your pack today... 

To Order For GOBOMAX™ now

Send An SMS with

  1. The number of bottles you want, 
  2. Your Name: 
  3. Your Delivery Address:  
  4. Your Phone Number(s):  
  5. Your email (for your free Ebook)

 To  08034709328 or 08025046152

Note: Your address should include your Local Government Area  


3 bottles, Mrs Njideka Chioma, No 3, Alapere Estate, Ketu, 0807777777,


Once We receive your text message, one of our customer executives will acknowledge your text message and thereafter confirm your order before we proceed with the delivery process.  

For deliveries outside Lagos state, and main lagos, it takes between 3-5  working days

While deliveries within Lagos state ONLY takes between 24-36 hours and is FREE!

Due to the jumia man who was recently murdered, we no longer encourage payment on delivery...

You now have all the information in your hands, and I am taking ALL the risk to get GOBOMAX™ to you.

Let me HELP YOU fight this monster called fibroid.

Mr Adewale 

Wellness Coach and Researcher.

Call Centre-  08034709328 or 08025046152 

 MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: This information and advice published or made available through naijanaturalhealth and the use of GOBOMAX™ supplement are not intended to replace the services of a physician, nor does it constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Information  is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use the information here for diagnosing or treating a medical or health condition. You should consult a physician in all matters relating to your health, and particularly in respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention. Any action on your part in response to the information provided here is at the reader's discretion. Readers should consult their own physicians concerning the information here. We make no representations or warranties with respect to any information offered or provided on or through the web site and the GOBOMAX™ supplement regarding treatment, action, or application of the information discussed. We are not liable for any direct or indirect claim, loss or damage resulting from the use of this web site and/or any web site(s) linked to/from it and the GOBOMAX™ supplement. GOBOMAX™ is a natural supplement and is not intended to cure or treat any disease.

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