How to be more positive (1)Have you ever felt depressed? Maybe tired? Maybe you have been working on projects or building your business and have not seen any results?  If so, today’s post on how to be more positive should help you.

Why Be More Positive?

If you are not positive at all about what you are doing, and if you constantly feel drained all the time, chances are you will not accomplish anything much. Now, if you bring this into Network Marketing, or any other field which involves people, this will seriously damage your chances for success. People are generally facing some sort of depression, and as a result, want to hang with positive upbeat people, who will lift them up.  So, your negativity could also be affecting your bonus check. *ouch*. So I am sharing three tips on how to be more positive!

Three Tips On How To Be More Positive

1. Remove Negative People From Your Life

This goes without saying. All the mentors and thought leaders agree that you are the average of the five people you spend time with. So if you look at your circle of friends, and all that comes out of them is discouraging talk, then its no wonder why you’re not positive and playing at the higher levels. Remove negative people from your life and surround yourself with people who will stretch you, and make you grow, and you’d be surprised at what happens in your life. Removing negative people from your life creates a vacuum, and since nature hates vacuums, removing negative people allows a lot of positive experiences and people to flow into your life. Give it a try! Thats a major example of how to be more positive!

2.Listen To Positive Audio Programs and Read Positive Books Daily

You have heard the expression, “you are what you eat”? Well, it also applies to your mind.  We all know that your life is a product of your thoughts, and you have basically attracted into your life all the experiences you are going through. If you want to stay more positive, you need to upgrade the quality of “thought food” that goes into your mind. I seldom watch the news because it is filled with a lot of negativity. Everyday, listen to a positive audio message or watch a positive video. There are tons of them on youtube. Keep doing this for a long time and make this a habit, and you will find out you’re thinking differently. This is a major major tip on how to be more positive, and if you implement this only, I guarantee you will see positive changes in your life, and you will be more positive and fired up

3. Do Affirmations Daily.

We have a lot of internal dialogue which our subconscious mind responds to. Research has shown that the average man/woman engages in a lot of negative self talk. So if you’re not so positive and fired up, its possible you have been engaging in a lot of negative self talk, such as: “this business is not working”. “No one likes me“. “I’m not a leader“. “I’m too tired“. Imagine saying this to yourself over and over again, and imagine the damage you’re causing to yourself and your subconscious. Wondering how to be more positive? Write affirmations.  Replace the negative self talk with “I’m a leader“. “My business is working”. “I am attractive“. Write them and say them over and over and with time, these will enter your subconscious mind and become part of you, and you’d find you’re a more positive person.

Hope you got value from these three tips on how to be more positive. Drop me a comment, like or share with your team mates or someone who might need this, if you got massive value!

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