How To Be Successful In Network Marketing Would you like to know how to be successful in Network  Marketing? If  you are like me, I am sure you do. We all know that  Network  Marketing is a powerful and very lucrative business, but not  many  people stay on and reach the promised land.

I was going through “Your First Year In Network Marketing” by  Mark Yarnell, and I came across a fundamental truth that underlies  Network Marketing success, including why most people do not realize  their dreams in our profession.

 How To Be Successful In Network Marketing

Mark Yarnell says that according to a study, 95% of people who survive 10 years in Network Marketing, become wealthy beyond their wildest expectations.

And why is this? Its because so many people quit, especially in their first year of Network Marketing. According to Mark Yarnell, “In Network Marketing, you either persevere or you perish. Quitting is the ONE sure way to fail. Surviving the first year establishes a new distributor with a good basis for success”.


Notice his use of the word “Survive”. I am sure some of you will be curious as to why your success depends on your survival. In my last post, I talked about how, when you joined Network Marketing, you decided to go a different way, contrary to most people in society. So you’re going to have people question you, and your sanity.
When you begin building your business and reaching out to people, you are going to face a lot of rejection. People are going to tell you no. You will have people who join your business, and will promise you how they are going to build a large business, and quit three months later.

My Own Personal Experience.

I remember bringing in someone who went out and recruited over 20 people into my organization, and my back office was looking good. And I was dreaming about hitting the top ranks. The next month, I was hit with one of the obstacles in Network Marketing, which is attrition.  People stopped placing their monthly orders, and my sales volume plummeted, and my leader lost hope, and refused to bounce back. And people quit the team.  And I actually travelled to another state I never went to my entire life, to help my leader do an event, and promote the business, and spent time, and my own money and resources.

After this setback, I had no choice, since I was determined to make it work no matter what, I kept on enrolling new distributors and rebuilding.

Most people quit when hit with some of these obstacles. Network Marketing is an industry which is a numbers game. You might prospect ten people and only one signs up. You might invite 20 people to see a business presentation and no one shows up.  But the interesting thing is that if you stay on long enough and keep working on your self, and keep doing the actions, eventually the numbers work and things begin to work in your favor.

So, want to know how to be successful in Network Marketing? Its simple. Don’t quit.

Its simple, but its true. Don’t quit. Commit to being the last man standing. Commit to being a professional, learning the skills, and being a leader. Quitting is simple, everyone can quit. But not everyone can lead, and not everyone can earn the money a top earner makes in Network Marketing.  Quitting is for wussies.

At our recent company event, it struck me how many familiar faces I used to see in the previous years, were no longer there. Your job is to be the person who always shows up, and therefore, your team will follow your lead.

I tell my team sometimes, “if you guys all quit on me, I will go out and just recruit more people”.  I say it as a joke, but you get the idea. Thats how to be successful in Network Marketing. Don’t ever quit. Survive. Have the “I will persist UNTIL I succeed” mindset.

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