how to qualify a prospect in network marketing

Why You Should Qualify Your Prospects In Network Marketing

The fact of the matter is that most people you talk to about your  Network Marketing opportunity will not be qualified to join. Some of  them might not be willing to change their lives, and some of them  might be comfortable in their current condition. Check out this post I did on the 4 kinds of people to avoid in Network Marketing.

Qualifying your prospects saves you time, and energy, and gives you posture. You recruit from a place of strength, and not of weakness, and when your prospects sense this, then it makes you even more attractive.

So I am sure some of you are asking, so can you share how to qualify a prospect in network marketing?  What sorts of questions to qualify a prospect can I ask?

Questions To Qualify A Prospect

You could ask questions like:

1) Would you be open to a side project that might not interfere with what you are currently doing? (If they are not open, then they are disqualified automatically, simple!)

2) So why are you looking at a home based business?

3) Why do you think that this might be a fit for you?

There are many more questions to qualify a prospect you might ask, but the principle is feeling the prospects energy and seeing whether or not they might be someone you want to work with.

So check out todays video where I share 3 tips on how to qualify a prospect in network marketing.

I hope you got some valuable tips from the video on how to qualify a prospect in network marketing.  Feel free to comment, like or share, and please do not forget to go and take action and create success!

To your success!

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