How To Set Up An MLM Blog In 4 Easy Steps!

If you have been wondering how to generate an online presence for yourself  via blogging, then this post should help you immensely.

Also, have you ever wanted to be able to attract qualified leads and prospects to you on autopilot?

Would you like to wake up and see your inbox filled with the email addresses of new, qualified prospects who have reached out to you and want to be part of what you’ve got going?

If so, then you will get serious value from today’s post where I will be sharing with you  how you can easily set up an MLM Blog , and easily position yourself as an expert or authority in your niche.

Why Do You Need An MLM Blog?

I wrote an earlier post about why you might need an MLM blog . But lets recap:

1.Blogging Positions You As An Expert-

Every leader and authority have something in common…they teach, and add value. Doing this positions you as an expert and people love to be around experts. People are attracted to people they feel have value to offer.

2. A good MLM Blog is an automated Marketing Machine-

As you know, there are two major ways of building your Network Marketing business. Theres MLM Prospecting which is active and which you should be doing especially if you want to be profitable ASAP, and there is marketing. Marketing is passive, and it involves throwing out content that people will respond to.

If you blog long enough you will get to a point where your MLM blog generates leads for you almost daily, and you will never have to run out of people to talk to again about your business

How To Set Up An MLM Blog

1.Buy Hosting and Your Domain Name-

Since its better you brand yourself, get a domain name that could be your first name and last name, or your last name.  Most of the top leaders in MLM do that. You can get hosting from godaddy. They are quite reliable and what I use. This also makes you look professional. Compare to Which one of the two are you likely to take seriously?

2.Set Up A Standalone WordPress Blog-

A mistake I see most MLM bloggers make is to go for the sites and the sites. While these are free, you will find out that free is actually more expensive in the long haul, as you have little to no control over these sites, and they can shut you down anytime. The Best is a good wordpress standalone installation ( which any good web developer can help with.

3.Set Up A Good Theme-

A theme defines what your MLM blog will look like. There are others like go press and genesis and thesis, that you might have to pay for. Some of these themes are SEO friendly and have responsive design and can be viewed on mobile and tablets. Just go for a good, clean design.

4. Set Up An Autoresponder-

When people come to your site, you will want to do two things. First, offer them a free item of value (called a lead magnet) in exchange for their email address, then secondly, get them to opt in as a lead. Opt in is when they fill in a form with their name and email in exchange for the lead magnet. When you get their emails, then you will want to follow up with them as often as you can. For this, you need an autoresponder. An autoresponder allows you to send automated follow up mails to your leads, and you can share information and build rapport, all on autopilot. The autoresponder I use and recommend is getresponse.  They are quite affordable and have awesome features.  They have a free trial. Click here to try getresponse out!

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I hope you got value from these tips I shared on how to set up your own MLM blog?  If so, drop a comment, like and share on social media, and if you want more tips like this, click the link below and enter your name and email to download your free eBook on 5 MLM recruiting techniques.

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