For Network Marketers who are tired of begging, bugging, and chasing broke and unqualified people to join their business...


This New “Never-Seen-Before” Recruiting Formula 

Allows You To Recruit 10,20, even 30 people

Monthly Into your Downline - All Without Chasing Your Friends And Family!


NOTE:  by the time you read this letter to the end, you will have in your hands the “Secret Weapon” that the highly paid Network Marketers use to recruit qualified people into their downline without begging, bugging or chasing anybody (But They Don’t Want You to EVER Find Out!)


From the laptop of:  Adewale Adebusoye

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Dear Frustrated Network Marketer,

Let’s face it…

You had high hopes when you first joined the network marketing business.

For sure!

Maybe you saw it as an EASY way to make lots of money (within the shortest time possible).

Or, if you’re like me, you probably saw it as a great opportunity to help you have all the fine things of life – those beautiful things of the world – that you’ve always loved but could never afford.

Things like…

  •  A BIG bank account – with more money in it than you could EVER need.
  • Brand new cars and expensive gadgets (and toys).
  • Regular trips and vacations to exotic locations all over the world (e.g U.S.A, Bahamas, Dubai, South Africa, e.t.c)
  • Being able to afford better schools for your children so you can give them the BEST education money can buy
  • FREEDOM… and peace of mind… and the time to spend with your family… doing fun and exciting things with the people you truly love.
  • E.t.c

The fact is…

This Is The Dream Of Every Network Marketer! 


Despite how highly profitable the Network Marketing business model is;

Only a few people actually make real money from it.

In fact, less than 10% of people succeed in building a profitable MLM business that consistently bring in at least N250,000 (or more) every month!!

So, the question is:

“If it’s so Easy and Highly Profitable, Then…

Why Is It That Over 90% Of People Fail?

 The answer is simple.

Majority of people fail because they do not understand the “secret of success”.

You see, if your goal is to make big money in network marketing, then you must know this ONE thing, and know it very well:

The Most Important Factor For Your Success Is… Your Ability To Recruit New Members Into Your Downline.

  If you screw up on this ONE thing, you can as well kiss “bye bye” to your dream of succeeding in the network marketing business.

But the problem is: 90% of Network Marketers in Nigeria don’t know how to do this.

In short, most people do it the wrong way!

They chase and harrass people up and down – their cousin Emeka, their uncle Jelili and the boy serving you chicken at Chicken Republic. (Yes, I have done this)

They also beg, push and cajole (and even do stupid things like using their own money to register) people into their own MLM... yet with no success!

At the end of the day, they end up broke, frustrated, and miserable!


The Good News Is...

You do NOT have to be like the 90% of people who FAIL in their attempt to achieve "financial success" in network marketing.


You do NOT have to experience dissapointment or failure

Here Is Why:

 There is a simple system that the top earning network marketers have been secretly using to rake in loads of money for themselves every month... almost effortlessly.

The strategy is so simple-to-use, so powerful, and it works everytime.

It is a tried and TRUSTED method of recruiting new members into your downline - without begging, chasing or bugging anybody.

And the best part?

You get to work with only serious, highly-motivated and committed people who will help you build your team.

And... today, you can count yourself lucky because I'm going to show you this "secret formula".

But before that...

“Why Listen To Me About MLM Recruiting?” 


I’m glad you asked that question.

My name is Adewale Adebusoye, and I run the #1 MLM blog in Nigeria.

There are few people in Nigeria today other than myself who know how to grow an MLM business from ground up starting with nothing but worn out tools.

Some of my recent MLM accomplishments include:

  • Featured #18 on the top 100 MLM Blogs Worldwide alongside MLM leaders like Ray Higdon, and Eric Worre (Don't believe me? Google it.)
  • Featured on as the most respected MLM Recruiting Adviser in Nigeria 2016.
  • Interviewed by top Industry Magazine, Networking Times.
  • Listed #16 Top MLM Bloggers to watch…WORLDWIDE.
  • Keynote Speaker, Change Your Life Bootcamp an MLM event
  • Keynote Speaker, MLM Exhibition 2016,  where I shared the stage alongside Adeolu Akinyemi, CEO Avenues to Wealth and other experts.
  • Keynote Speaker, MLM Leadership Conference 2017, sharing the stage with Industry experts like Ken Stewart who was mentored by the great Jim Rohn.
  • Featured on Radio One, 103.5 FM to discuss the state of MLM In Nigeria

I have also shared the stage with business tycoons like Dr Cosmas Maduka, CEO Coscharis Group. 

I have also been profiled by international MLM leaders as one of the top 32 global MLM bloggers to watch dominate Network Marketing.

 But I was NOT always as successful as I am now.

As a matter of fact…

I Used To Be Just Like You!

There was a time I could not recruit my way out of a paper bag.

I didn’t know how to talk to anyone about my business – even if my life depended on it.

Heck, I failed in 4 (Yes, 1…2…3…FOUR!!!) different MLM companies.

No jokes!

Before I accidentally discovered....

"The Magic Formula"!

 And this “magic formula” transformed a former shy and introverted computer nerd like me (who could not even talk to anyone), into a highly successful network marketer, recruiting over 50+ people (and counting) into my downline – within the shortest time possible!

This strategy is very powerful and very effective.

It works all the time.

In case you don’t know, this is the secret weapon that all the top earners are using to achieve great success in their business.

It’s A Simple Secret.  

 Here’s how I discovered it:

In December 2014, I joined my current Network Marketing Company (after previously failing in 4 different companies)… and I vowed that this time, I was going to make it.

So I spent thousands of Naira to buy EVERY material I could find about Network Marketing recruiting - Books, MP3s, Coaching, e.t.c.

And I began to study the top earners and recruiters in my MLM company, that was how I made…


 The secret of successful MLM recruiting lies on 3 major qualities :

  •  Unstoppable Mindset- Belief so strong they did not care if you joined them or Not!
  •  Smart Prospecting - Recognizing that NOT EVERYONE is right for your business and learning how to sort the wheat from the chaff
  •  Professional Invitation- Learning to give an irresistible invitation so strong that 80% of your invitees would show up for your MLM seminar, and sign up on the spot!

When I applied these discoveries (combining them using a certain formula), I started seeing extremely remarkable results… almost immediately.

I finally recruited my FIRST downline… then my second… and then the third… then my fourth…

And it happened all over again, and again, and again!


My Income Exploded!   

Commissions began to pour into my previously empty bank account.

And it was all due to this "recruiting formula" which I accidentally stumbled upon!


 And I’ve seen it work for other top recruiters both in my company and EVERY other company!

Here is what will happen when you begin recruiting using this certain way:

  • You will stop begging people to join your downline. In fact, you will begin to disqualify people!
  • You will possess the “silent power” and confidence knowing you can go anywhere and “recruit on demand”!
  • You will know how to handle those annoying objections given by tire kickers and freebie seekers who do not want to join your business.

And the good news is...


You Will Now Begin To Make Money In Your Network Marketing Business!

  Wouldn’t you love to start making money immediately with your network marketing business?

Wouldn’t you want to have people begging to join your business?

Wouldn’t you like people to show up for your MLM seminars and sign up immediately without begging?

You do?

Then… I’m going to give you the same “magic formula” I discovered, and which the top MLM recruiters in Nigeria use.

The system I call the…

Instant Recruiting Bundle: Your Definite Step-By-Step Course To Getting Your First 100 Downlines Irrespective Of Which MLM Company You Join! 


I have created a complete course, which will show you exactly how to recruit your first downline in the next 30-90 days if you implement what’s inside it.

You will have in your hands the same process I used to go from someone who failed in 4 different Network Marketing companies and never sponsored a single person, to sponsoring over 50 people and counting!

All you have to do is use my ideas, follow simple directions and in 30 days, you too can start recruiting downlines into your MLM business and finally begin to make money!

Inside the Instant Recruiting Formula Bundle, you will discover..

  • The kind of rock solid unshakable beliefs you need to succeed in Network Marketing!
  • Self Image Hacking- Easy Steps to change your self image to that of a top recruiter!
  • How to position yourself on social media, and attract people to you, without you mentioning the name of your MLM Company!  

Here's What You Get Inside 

The Instant Recruiting Bundle:

1. AUDIO: 5 Reasons People Fail In MLM (Audio mp3 worth N2000)

Lots of people start a Network Marketing business and fail in less than 3 months! Find out why in this bonus mp3 I created and the strategies you need to avoid failure in your business!

2. VIDEO: How To Become An MLM Leader (Video Webinar - Value N4,500)

  Only leaders make big money inside of Network Marketing!  

In this bonus webinar, I did for the MLM Exhibition 2016, you will find out how to become an MLM leader using 3 simple steps secretly used by MLM Top dogs!  

The link for this is available ONLY inside the instant recruiting formula report!  

PS: I got paid close to 50k for this training that I am giving to you dirt-cheap!

3. [PDF Report] Instant Recruiting Formula: The Underground Guide To Recruiting Your First 100 Downlines, Irrespective Of Which MLM Company You Join (Value- N5,500)

In this report, you will learn

  • Why you should NOT beg people to join your downline
  • The kinds of people NEVER to recruit into your business (even if they BEG you to take their money)
  • Why people might NOT join you, and go sign up with someone else (Especially if you're making this mistake)
  • And lots more!

Just download this report and begin to take action immediately and see what happens to your business in 30-60 days!


Here's What People Like You Are Saying About The Instant Recruiting Bundle


Customer Testimonial 

Hi Adewale,
I purchased the Instant Recruiting BUNDLE 3 days ago and I am done going through it...very insightful, simple straightforward approaches and amazing insights on how to deal with NIGERIANS and 'is it networking'

I cant wait for the results to come in from using your approaches

-Jadesola Omokhafe (Network Marketing Professional)


Customer Testimonial 

Hello Adewale, thanks so much for the Instant Recruiting Formula Bundle.

It's very helpful and practical, and I now have a different view about MLM prospecting!  Thanks bro!

Daniel Inonoje - Network Marketing Professional


Customer Testimonial 

I have undergone this MLM course, and it's really worth it.

The time, The money, The strategies shared there.

I am feeling on top of the world now because God sent this information at the right time. Follow the instructions to buy and you will thank me later!

Adedayo Adetiloye - Speaker, consultant and business coach  

Customer Testimonial 

In fact, this is my problem. Excuses. OK, this is the reason why I remained stagnant! 
Anyway, this is an eye opener.

God will continue blessing you.

I picked up the "instant recruiting formula Bundle" last week.

This is awesome!

Mufutau Maruf - Network Marketing Leader


Still Sceptical??

Check out Jamius Testimonial Below....

He slid into my inbox one night, SERIOUSLY DEPRESSED...

He had been in his MLM company for months, hadn't recruited ANYONE and felt there was something wrong with him!

Let Me Show You Other Things You Will Learn Inside Instant Recruiting Formula

  • A secret and overlooked tool on Facebook to help you find your perfect prospect for your MLM business.
  •  The exact words to say to prospects to get them to come for your MLM seminars 
  •  How to identify the time wasters and disqualify them, only for them to come begging you to join.
  • How to identify pyramid schemes and legitimate Network Marketing opportunities so you do not get deceived, like many people in Nigeria!      
  • How to craft your customer Avatar (the ideal person you would like to recruit into your business) 
  • How to prevent people from asking you foolish and annoying questions when you invite them to see your MLM business.
  • Facebook recruiting scripts to message people with. All you have to do is insert the name of your MLM Company!
  •  What to say when your prospect tells you “I don’t have the money
  • And Many More ...

But Thats Not ALL!

In addition to the Instant Recruiting Formula BUNDLE,

I am also giving you 5 very valuable bonuses!

Valuable Bonus #1: MLM Secrets: How To Make $30,000 In Online Network Marketing By Brian Garvin (Ebook Worth N1500).

Brian, a secret MLM top earner, teaches you Online MLM secrets to attract people into your downline and max out your companies compensation plan!  

Valuable Bonus #2:  Network Marketing Pitfalls (EBook worth N3500)  

Common pitfalls and mistakes inside of Network Marketing and how to avoid them, and save yourself time, energy and money! 

Valuable Bonus #3:  Network Marketing Survival (EBook worth N5250)

  How to navigate and survive the jungle of Network Marketing, and make big money in the process!

Valuable Bonus Report #4:  The FASTEST way To Build Your MLM Downline By Tracy Biller

This was given to me by a top earner inside of Network Marketing, and is worth the price of this entire pack.

You will learn the underground industry secrets of how top MLM leaders, enter into a new company and hit the top in as little as 30 days! (Use this knowledge wisely!)

Valuable Bonus Report #5:  A FREE 30 Minute Consultation

 During this consultation session, you can ask me any question you have about network marketing and how to succeed in it, and you will get an answer.

Normally this session would cost you =N=25,000 but you get it free today.

So why am I doing all this?  

Why am I bringing this Instant Recruiting Bundle to your notice?

It’s simple.


I Know You Want To Succeed And Make Money In Your New Network Marketing Business.

So, purchase your copy of the Instant Recruiting Formula Bundle today, and allow me to hold your hand and lead you to success.

And you can start earning big monthly commission, qualify for car bonuses, all-expenses-paid trips abroad, and all the goodies that your MLM company promise - within the next 30 - 90 days.

If I could do it, surely YOU can do it too.

That's why all you have to pay today is just...


=N=10,500 ONLY!

(For International buyers, Scroll Below To Pay Via Paypal!)


But Wait!!

 To get you to trust me, because I mean this may be the first time you ever heard of me, I am giving you a discount of 30%.

Yes, just 30% of it, is all you should send us today.

This means that right now, today all you need to pay is


Once you do so, I will send you access to your membership area for you to access the FULL recruiting bundle.

Nothing will be left out.

You will receive everything in FULL.

Am I crazy for giving you such a deal?

No, actually I know what I am doing.

See, I know you spent at least between =N=25,000 and =N=208,000 to join that network marketing company.

And I know you want to succeed in it.

And I know you desperately want to learn how to achieve success in it fast.

So I decided to give you such a sweet deal so that nothing, at least not money will stop you from getting the solution to your network marketing problems.

Now would you let a mere =N=7,500 stop you?

HURRY! The Price Of The Instant Recruiting Bundle Will Go Up In...


So, you really have NO excuse to prevent you from using the "no-fail", "killer" strategies inside the Instant Recruiting Formula today (which has transformed many people from "strugglers to successes!")

Hey, at least, you cannot say money stopped you.


It's Just =N=7500


  But you know what?... That small investment can significantly change your MLM business story, forever - that is, if you get your copy today and take action immediately. 

You Have Nothing To FEAR!

You have absolutely nothing to fear.

It shall NEVER be said that anybody bought this course and did not get more than 10x value!

Therefore, when you:

  • Get the “Instant Recruiting Bundle” today and start using the strategies IMMEDIATELY...
  • Use every strategy and technique inside it as many times as you'd like for the next 90 days (3 full months)...
  • Go through the training and complete all the Action Steps according to the instruction in the course...

And if by the end of 90 days you haven’t met your goal, let me know and...


I Will Give You A FULL Refund!

 If this program doesn't deliver everything I've promised, or if you're unhappy with it for any reason, just send me an email here:

ade (at) adebusoye (dot) com and let me know and I will return 100% of your money.

No Question Asked!

What other reasons do you have to waste anymore before getting the Instant Recruiting Bundle right now?

No excuse.

Well, except you don't really desire success in this business (in which case, I won't be able to help you).

But if you are serious about achieving business success, you should!


Customer Testimonial 

Good Afternoon Sir,
 I am sending this email to share my success story with you.
Early Last month, I bought the Instant Recruiting Formula Bundle, and it was one of the greatest things that happened to me.
I am 4 months old in the business. In my 1st and 2nd month, I made a lot of mistakes. But not until I BOUGHT THE Complete Recruiting Bundle did I understand that many of us Nigerians have the whole concept of MLM wrong.

Today, I have been able to recruit more than 10 People and counting into my team and I am training them too with the little I have been learning.
 ''YOU SAID INVEST IN YOURSELF" and I am doing just that.
I am also building my brand online. 
I just wanted to say A BIG THANK YOU.
Please, sir, Continue the good work!
Amaka Anammah Network Marketing Leader

Customer Testimonial 

A very good day to you Sir.

I am not a man of long write-ups and all of that but I just want to say THANK YOU for your Instant Recruiting Formula Bundle.

Honestly, that was the very first material I bought in Network Marketing. 
It made me see Network Marketing from a really different perspective, made me understand that if you truly want to become successful in it, then YOU WILL IF YOU PUT IN THE WORK.
I have started implementing some of the things I gained especially the Social Media part.
Thanks, sir.
Jonathan Alli- Network Marketing Leader 

PS: Jonathan has now done 7 figures with his MLM company.


  Only 100 Copies of The Instant Recruiting Bundle Will Be Sold At The 30% Early Discount  


When I first created Instant Recruiting Bundle, my original plan was to sell it separately for =N=15,000.

And If I did it would still be totally worth it.

But I decided to make it very affordable, and to enable as many people as possible to get their hands on it, I decided to go ahead and still offer it at this mouth-watering discount.

But this payment option for the first 100 network marketers who take advantage.

If this is you, you will get it at only =N=7,500 now, plus you will receive ALL valuable bonuses absolutely free.

But don’t delay… I’m literally losing money every day doing this 30% discount, this is why I am limiting it to just 100 copies so if you return to this page tomorrow and find that the discount has been pulled from the site, don’t call or email the office requesting it.

You’ve been warned…

 Warning: Once The Timer Hits Zero, You WILL Lose Out On These Discounted Bonuses!!


 To Get Your Discount, Here’s What To Do Next… 

Option 1: Pay Online With ATM (Best Option)


If you have an ATM card, then you can simply click the red "Pay With Paystack" button below, and you will be taken to a secure payment page for you to pay with your card.

There is a small N200 processing charge.


You get to download and read the report and get your bonuses straight away!

You do not need to call or send any email or sms

No going to the bank or standing in the long queues just because you want to pay only =N=7500

Everything is 100% automated.


Option 2: Online/ATM Bank Transfer


You can also do an online or ATM Bank Transfer from your account to ours using the following details…

Bank: First Bank

Account Number: 202 092 13 50

Amount: =N=7500 

Account Name: Adewale Adebusoye


Account Number: 0011132917

Account Name: Adewale John Adebusoye

Amount: =N=7500

Once the transaction completes, send us your name, email address and phone number and payment ID to ade (at) adebusoye (dot) com.

Once we confirm your payment, we will send you a secure link for you to download your copy of Instant Recruiting Formula.

When you receive it, be sure to read the “Read Me First” checklist on top to get the most out of course.

Your free bonuses will also be included in this same package. 


Option 3: Paypal (For International Buyers)


Click the PayPal button below to buy Instant Recruiting Formula for 37 USD.

Once your transaction is completed, you will be directed to a membership sign up form.  

All you need to do is to enter your name and email, and Instant Recruiting formula will be sent to your inbox!



I spoke with someone who had been in a Network Marketing company for 2 years and never recruited a single person.

I saw the struggle and frustration he has suffered, written all over his face.

And your story does not have to be like that man, if you just...

Permit me to lead you to the path of success

However, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you will keep getting the bad results you’re currently getting.

If you don’t start now, you will lose yet another day, week, month, or year without seeing things change, in your business or your life.

Is that what you really, really want for yourself?

I know it’s not.

So, go ahead and order your copy of Instant Recruiting Formula today (plus ALL the super-amazing bonuses).

I am waiting to be your guide and mentor.   

Adewale Adebusoye

MLM Speaker, Author, Coach, and owner:

P.S. Going at it alone is not the secret to success.

I know from personal experience.

My wealth took a dramatic turn for the better when I found mentors and coaches who were willing to coach me in my early MLM career.

That same opportunity is now open to you.

Take my hand right now and I’ll lead you (even drag you if need be) to success in network marketing.

What excuse could you possibly have for waiting?


Claim your copy of Instant Recruiting Bundle today.  

P.P.S. Remember instant Recruiting Formula is the only information available in Nigeria today which shows you as a Nigerian Network Marketer how to sponsor 10,20,30 people into your downline, no matter what MLM company you join!

Top MLM recruiters abroad also use the formula!

Unfortunately, most Nigerian network marketers are not using it.

No wonder many are struggling.

What’s more, It’s 100% guaranteed.

It is either it works for you, or I give you your money back!

End of story.


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