Jonathan Budd is oneJonathanbudd of the pioneers in the online MLM space and attraction marketing space, and has earned millions, created his own coaching program, and done a lot more.  In this interview by Ray Higdon on Ray’s Online Marketing Masters Virtual Summit, he dropped a lot of nuggets which I will be sharing. Now check this out. Jonathan Budd was a former hippie pot smoker when he got introduced to Network Marketing.   And his upline told him to go make a list of friends and family, which is one of the most duplicable ways of building your MLM business. But Jonathan had a problem. He didn’t have a warm market. In his own words : “I didn’t know anyone who did not smoke pot. This made  me begin to think out of the box”.  Now this blew my mind. He had no warm market at all. How many people quit Network Marketing for flimsy reasons?  But what did Jonathan Budd do?  Check out the interview here.

So I got some priceless tips from the interview so I will share some:

General Tips

  • Anything can work if you work. Most times we do not work.
  • There’s a path that all of us are destined to follow in this business. For some of us, it might be the traditional route of making your list and friends and family. For some, it might be the Internet marketing route.
  • Be willing to make a lot of mistakes and be willing to fail your way to success.
  • Keep your mind open as theres plenty of ways to succeed.
  • Be committed to finding your path. According to Jonathan Budd, each person has a unique path to follow in building their business.

Branding Tips and Steps to Attraction Marketing Success

  • Build An audience
  • Create a relationship with the audience
  • You have to push yourself and be willing to be uncomfortable, and be willing to go through growing pains.
  • Throw yourself into the mix and just start doing it. You cannot succeed with just reading a book. You have to get out there and do it. The more you can shorten your time between learning and implementation the faster you succeed or find out if it works for you or not.

Last tip: You need to have a vision. Jonathan Budd shared how his vision of what he wanted to become, pushed him through the obstacles he faced until he reached his goals.

I hope this Jonathan Budd interview was beneficial to you? Listen to the full interview here.

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