Happy New Month Guys!!! And today being the first of April, I have some mad value for you, and this is not an april fools joke.

A lot of times in prospecting, and in interacting with people, you might come across situations and people that seek to take away your personal power. You can see that in the network marketer who allows himself to be put on the hot seat by a prospect, and begins to stammer, and uhm and ah, as the prospect barrages him with a myriad of questions he has no business answering.
In fact, most of us in Network Marketing allow ourselves to be intimidated by the prospect. They lose charge of the conversation and begin dancing around for the prospect.

If this is you, STOP! Know that your past doesn’t have to dictate your future. The basic reason most of us do not maintain our power, especially when prospecting, and especially in Network Marketing is belief.

  • Subconsciously most do not believe that Network Marketing is a better way.
  • They do not believe in what they have.
  • They do not see themselves as value providers or professionals
  • They believe they “need” to drag prospects across the finish line.

And they end up losing their posture. They attract weak needy people, and their business does not flourish.

With all of these, no wonder they come across as weak, needy, and project a bad image of the industry.

Watch the video below where I talk about this in detail, and also share a major solution and mindset tweak that will help shape your business.

Did you get value from the video? Its important to maintain your posture at all times. Network Marketing is a better way. We provide freedom for families. We unite Families and offer financial freedom and wealth to the average person who is willing to work. Do not forget to share this blog post on Facebook and other social media, leave a comment, and let the world know that MLM rocks!

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