Get out of your own way!If you have been asking yourself why you have not gotten the success and the results you are looking for, then its most likely mindset. I remember asking Ray Higdon on our Top Earner Success School coaching program as to what tweaks might be needed to make a person into a top earner, and he replied, “its mostly mindset. Then you check your results, and adjust”.

Why Mindset? You see in Network Marketing, your degree of success will depend on your self belief, and your self image. Your self belief and self image are governed by all your internal self talk. In the last post I did on how to be more positive, I mentioned that all humans engage in self talk, and most of it is seriously negative. Some of us have been conditioned not to believe in ourselves, even at a deep subconscious level. Some of us feel unworthy and undeserving of success, and this leads to serious self sabotage. Maybe you are about to hit a particular major rank in your Network Marketing company, and since subconsciously, you feel that if you succeed, your friends and family might hate you, then you get in your own way and self sabotage.

You stop making the calls to prospects. You stop attending events and meetings, and you tend to engage in talk that does not serve you. Most of us have been trying to drive through life with the brakes on without even knowing it.

Major Tip for Getting Out of Your Own way:-

Stop waiting for people to give you permission to play big and just do it. Feeling sorry for yourself, and not doing what you need to do is selfish. There are many lives waiting for you to inspire them, and they will not be inspired, if you wallow in worthiness issues.

Get Out Of Your Own Way!

One of the best ways to know if you’re in your own way is to listen to your language. Ancient script says “out of the abundance of your heart (subconscious), the mouth speaks”. If you take out time to listen to yourself, you might be shocked at all the non serving talk and conversations you are putting out there, which in turn will attract those same experiences you complain about!

Excuses are another form of self sabotage. We justify where we are, and why we have not achieved our goals. To get out of your own way, you will need to give up your excuses, and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Check out the video I did where I rant deeply about getting out of your own way, giving yourself permission to play big, and killing all your excuses.

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