Mindset Training- 3 hacks for A Burning Desire For SuccessWhy do you think you need a burning desire?

Its very simple. If you want success of any kind, network marketing success, or  business success, you will need to have a burning desire.

Napoleon Hill spoke about this in his book “Think and grow rich”.  If you haven’t read it, I suggest you go look for it as soon as possible.

Now you might be reading this and thinking….I have a burning desire, so why am I not there yet?

Theres a difference between wishing for something and having a white hot pulsating desire for success.  So if you have wanted to work yourself into a burning desire for success, todays mindset training will help you!

Here are 3 hacks you can use to generate and maintain a burning desire:

1.  Burn Your Bridges-

This means cutting off any alternatives apart from your goal, and focusing on it 100 percent. Do not entertain thoughts such as “if this doesn’t work, I will do this instead”.  Burn your bridges and go for it 100 percent. Knowing you have no other alternative will stimulate your mind and you will generate a burning desire. This mindset training is from an excellent story of burning bridges in Napoleon Hills “Think And Grow Rich”.

2.  Create A Mental Image Of Your Goal And Hold It Stubbornly In Your Mind-

Mr  Edwin Barnes, as told in “Think and grow rich” had a burning desire to partner with Mr Edison, the greatest inventor of his time. He had that image in his mind all the time, even when he was poor and working at the bottom of the Edison organization.  And in time, that image in his mind became a reality.

Always make sure you hold the picture of your goal in your mind. See it as accomplished. Meditate on it at all times, and this will keep your desire strong enough to accomplish the goal you have set for yourself.

3.  Speak About It As If It Has Happened-

This is a very key part of this mindset training. When talking about your goals, do not speak about them as anything other than accomplished.  Talk about your goals as if they have been done and dusted. Don’t say anything negative or contrary about your desires and goals. Edwin Barnes desire was so strong, he actually opened his mouth and put Edison on notice that he had come to do business with him, and not just be a cog in the Edison organization.

Words have creative power and speaking your desires out will bring them to manifestation at the right time! (Click To Tweet)

So did you get value from todays mindset training? Can you see how practicing any of these three hacks can generate the burning desire you need for success, and get you close to your goals?

If you got value, feel free to like, comment and share with anyone else you feel might benefit, and till the next time,

To your success!

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