Mark Yarnell was one of the greatest MLM legends to walk the face of the earth.

Unfortunately, he died March 15, 2015, at the age of 65.

Gone too soon if you ask me!

I first heard of Mark when I was starting out inside of Network Marketing.

Someone recommended his book “Your first year in Network Marketing” to me, and it became my MLM bible when I bought it back in 2008/09.

I really can’t count the number of times I read that book.

If you haven’t got it, you should go look for it….seriously.

Mark also had other books like “How to Get Stinking Filthy Rich In Network Marketing” and so many others.

He had loads of videos on youtube which you can check out yourself…

Trust me.

After going through Mark’s books and videos…

Your MLM experience will NEVER be the same!

Why do I consider Mark Yarnell an MLM Legend?

Here are some of his achievements

  • 20 Million Plus (USD) Earner Inside Of The MLM Industry
  • Built global teams with over 300k distributors
  • Named “Greatest Networker In The World” by upline magazine
  • And a host of other achievements.

Mark was a straight talker, who never sugar coated what it took to succeed inside of MLM.

He would tell you straight up that MLM was a numbers game, and if you wanted to succeed FAST in MLM, you HAD to increase the number of people you talked to!

Mark Yarnell Quotes

Here are some of Mark Yarnells MLM quotes to inspire and motivate you to success

  1. Every great MLM-er was a LOUSY MLM-er at first
  2. Go Wide Fast!
  3. You need to be selling products and recruiting rather than reading!
  4. New blood is the lifeblood of any legitimate organization
  5. Its easier to give birth to a new distributor than to resurrect the dead ones (My favorite)
  6. One of the biggest fallacies of MLM is that we should attempt to force creative people to use systems which they don’t like and often can’t copy (ouch!!)
  7. MLM is about long-term focus, not short-term opportunism
  8. Make a 5-year commitment, and NEVER look at another company, no matter how slick some recruiter sounds
  9. Great leaders ALWAYS innovate, they NEVER duplicate
  10. Whether in a breakaway, a Unilevel, or a binary compensation plan, the greater the number of personally sponsored distributors, the LARGER the income!

Mark was seriously awesome, and left a legacy all of us coming up can only aspire to.

RIP Mark, God bless you for your legacy.

Thanks to you, I’m typing this in Lagos Nigeria at 2:05 am in the morning.

Mark was survived by his wife, and family.


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