Network Marketing Tips-How to set appointments with your prospects A legend in Network Marketing once said that if your calendar  was not filled with appointments then its not likely that you  would earn any real income in Network Marketing.

A lot of people struggle with mlm prospecting and mlm  invitation because they cannot set proper appointments  with their prospects.

Setting appointments in MLM is an integral part of your  invitation process and mlm prospecting, and positions you as a    professional. It also does the following:

  1. It prevents you from being seen as bugging, chasing or begging people
  2. It positions you as an expert and a professional
  3. Setting MLM appointments effectively  gives you the right and a reason to follow up with the prospect.

Now, here are some tips to setting appointments in MLM:

First, free up the prospects calendar.

Example” “Hello, what are you doing Thursday?”

Prospect replies “I’m free, whats happening?”

….then you go into invitation and then setting the appointment to see a presentation either online or offline.

Allow the prospect to set the time.

Example: “Alright, when would you have seen the video?

Prospect says 8 PM, Thursday, and you then say “Alright, I’d call you 8 PM Thursday, and we would go over any questions you might have“.

You can see that this is a very powerful Network Marketing tip that can make a very big impact in your business.

Your prospect will not have any excuses not to take your calls because THEY set the appointment!

I talk a bit more about setting mlm appointments  in the video below:

I hope this helped you and took you on the path to becoming a more professional inviter!

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