MLM Prospecting Tips 2 from change your life bootcampLast week, I attended a generic MLM event, where I was a featured speaker, called Change Your Life bootcamp.

It was pretty awesome and I met a lot of successful MLM-ers. Note to self: Never Miss Anything.  An event, a seminar, etc. You never know where the next change would come from.

One of the sessions dealt with MLM Prospecting Tips, and I shared some of my insights via video some days ago.  So in todays video I will be  sharing more MLM prospecting tips  I got from the event.  So buckle up and get ready to take some notes

Network Marketing Prospecting Tips

Some MLM Prospecting Tips  we discussed earlier were:

Have Fun With MLM Prospecting and also having posture and belief in your opportunity.  These are very important MLM tips you need to be applying to yourself. When you have posture and belief in what you have, and you have fun prospecting, then you take a whole lot of stress off yourself, and begin to just enjoy the process.

So check out todays video where I share more MLM prospecting tips which should help you tremendously.

Did you get value from those MLM prospecting tips? If you did, do like comment, and feel free to share with your team.  If you did not watch the video, I would seriously question your commitment to being serious in Network Marketing, and would ask you to watch it again!

So drop a comment and let me know which one of these MLM prospecting tips you will implement in your business!

To your success!

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