people-to-avoid-mlmEver struggle in your MLM Prospecting? Did you ever sponsor someone into your business and feel “Oh God, If I knew better, I won’t have put them into my business”?  A lot of us would feel absolutely better if there was a sure fire way we could know who to avoid, and who to pitch our business to.

In the last post, I shared some insights I gained from one of my mentors Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, and his insights into why Network Marketing is the business of the 21st Century. If you haven’t read it, check it out here.

Now, theres something you need to know. Not everyone will do Network Marketing. Everyone has the potential to do it, but not everyone will do it. And to prevent frustration, you need to be able to identify those people who might not be a fit for your Network marketing opportunity and who might waste your time. Now there is no sure-fire way to determine who to sign up or not, but these tips might help

4 Kinds Of People To Avoid Signing Up In Your MLM Business

Check out these MLM Prospecting tips from Robert Kiyosaki on people who cannot do the 21st Century Business (Network Marketing) and thus will never be a fit for your business. Prospecting these people will be a waste of your time.

4 kinds of people to avoid in Network Marketing

People who must be right – They went to school, they know everything. Their minds are too set and you cannot tell them anything.

People who must be comfortable. – They need to be comfortable more than anything. But in today’s economy, that of the 21st century, they will not survive, because their desire for comfort is more than their desire to succeed.

People who must be liked– They want to be liked and to have everyones approval. These will not succeed in their Network Marketing business, because the disapproval from their friends and families will be more than enough to stop them from taking the actions they need to win.

People who must win– These are people who will win in this business, and can survive in the new economy. So when you go out to prospect, you need to ask yourself if the person needs to be right, or people who must be comfortable, or people who must be liked. People who must win can be found in every race, or community.

They already know the economy has moved on, and that they cannot depend on the government to take care of themselves. They also enjoy helping people succeed. They do not have excuses, and they are determined to make it happen, and have a “success no matter what” attitude.

If you’re going to build a long term sustainable Network Marketing business, you need to focus on the last category, people who must win.  These are the ones who will go out and build a business with or without you. Sponsoring anyone else into your business is a waste of time. And will lead to frustration

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