MLM Recruiting Closing Tips

If you want to become more effective at MLM recruiting, then this post will be something you need to pay  major attention to.

A lot of people do not succeed in MLM recruiting because they do not know how to get the prospect to sign up, after the prospect has seen a presentation.

In todays post I have listed 3 of my favorite closing questions I use on prospects after they have seen my company presentation. These questions have boosted my results in my MLM recruiting, and I am sure you will get value from them.

Why Close?

The mindset you need to have when closing prospects is that of helping them.  Now this is my caveat: I will not spend time closing someone who has not seen my company presentation, or is negative. There is simply no point to this.  Its better to close someone who is positive and has seen your presentation. This increases the chances of success in MLM recruiting. Its also important to know that at times your prospect might actually see the opportunity, but might have some genuine questions or concerns. Closing helps you help them cross the finish line.

How would your life have been if someone didn’t close you into your current company? Would you be the person you are now?  So abandon any hang ups you might have about closing. Not closing a qualified prospect is selfish, and could rob the person of an amazing life.

Check out this video where I share how to become effective at MLM recruiting by asking these 3 closing questions. Get out a pen, and write them down so you do not forget.

Did you get value from those 3 MLM closing questions?  If you and your team mates implemented these closing methods, how do you think your MLM recruiting might improve?  Maybe you might hit the next rank in your company or get a bigger bonus check?

So get out and take action, and if you got value from this, do not just be a taker who reads, and leaves, but at least drop a comment, like, or share with your team mates, and I am sure you will have major success in your MLM recruiting. In some subsequent posts, I will be sharing more MLM recruiting secrets and MLM recruiting Techniques you can use to boost your MLM recruiting results.

To your success!

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