MLM Recruiting Secrets For InvitationWould you like to see better results in your MLM recruiting?  Would you love to have more people sign up and join your team? Well if you are like most people in our profession, you do want to crush it in your MLM recruiting.

In todays training, I am going to be sharing a hidden secret which most people do not use in their invitation process, and if you can implement this, you will get more signups into your business.

MLM Recruiting 101

The easiest way to get more sign ups is to get more eyeballs on your company presentation, maybe a live business opportunity meeting, a DVD or an online video presentation.  Getting more eyeballs involves the process of invitation.  Invitation is simply getting people to have a look at your opportunity and then the prospects decide if its right for them or not.

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The Dreaded Question with MLM Recruiting and Invitation:

When most Network Marketers make the invitation to a prospect, they are usually hit with the dreaded question “Well what is it?” and since most Network Marketers have been taught not to give away too much information at once, they freeze up, and get subjected to the prospect asking them all sorts of questions and taking away their power.

You can actually avoid this scenario and increase your MLM recruiting efforts by applying a simple tip I learned from Ray Higdon which I discuss in the video below.

Watch this video to learn the number 1 secret for successful invitations, and to boost your MLM recruiting efforts:

Did you watch this video? If not, please stop what you are doing, and go back and WATCH this.  Did you see how applying this technique can help you boost your MLM recruiting efforts if you set it up right?  Just imagine if you got good at this and more people saw your presentations!

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To Your Success!

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