MLM Recruiting TipsAre you seriously struggling with your Network Marketing recruiting?   Maybe  you have gone out into the field, and you are talking to  prospects, and  putting in the work, and still yet you are not getting the  kinds of results you  want?

If so, then its possible you might be making some mistakes in your  Network Marketing recruiting.

So in today’s post, I share 3 top mistakes you might be making in your prospecting as well as  MLM recruiting tips which should help you address them.  I am sure you will get some major value!

MLM Recruiting Tips: The Top 3 Prospecting Mistakes

1.Saying Too Much-

Once you get a prospect who is interested, the next thing most Network Marketers do is to immediately get over eager and begin to vomit information immediately., and most times this puts off the prospect. One of the major MLM recruiting tips to get over this is to manage the energy.  Is the prospect interested? Fine! Maintain your posture, and create a break in communication ( I talk about this in the video) and then follow up with the prospect later to invite them to a seminar, or send them a video which explains everything.

2.Not Talking To a Lot of People-

A lot of people in Network Marketing just talk to 5 people and if they experience rejection, they immediately conclude that Network Marketing does not work.  You need to avoid this major mistake. One of the major MLM recruiting tips I can give is that you need to understand that Network Marketing is a numbers game. Some statistics say you might have to prospect 10 people to find one that will join your team, so the way to get more sign ups is to increase the number of people you prospect and the number of people who see your company presentation.

3.Giving Up Too Easily-

This is the most common mistake people make in their MLM prospecting. They give up too easily because for some strange reason they expected quick and easy results.  One of the most fundamental MLM recruiting tips you will get out there is you do not give up at all. In Network Marketing, you either succeed or you quit. You are one person away from signing up someone who will run hard with your business. So anytime you are tired and depressed, remember why you got started and do not quit!

Watch todays MLM recruiting tips where I talk more on the 3 top prospecting mistakes

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To your success!

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