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In a previous post, I trained about how to meet new prospects for you to show your business. One of the things I mentioned is that when you meet new people, you need to add them to your contact list.

The contact list is the core tool in every professional network marketers arsenal. Every MLM company teaches new reps how to create a contact list, by first writing out the names of people you know, like your friends, family, church members, school mates, colleagues, at work, etc. Then as you go through life, and meet people, you can add them to your contact list, and follow up with them.

The whole idea is that if you keep updating your contact list, you will never run out of people to talk to which is a major complaint of most MLM-ers, and if you always have prospects to look at your business, your business will grow.

Watch the video below where I dig into a bit more detail on this…..

I hope you got value from the video training. Swing into action and work on creating your contact list if you haven’t. On your phone, your computer, or even an old fashioned notepad would do. If you are consistent with your contact list, you will begin to see powerful results in your business.

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