MLM success-shiny-objectsIf there is one thing that keeps many people from enjoying MLM success, its the “shiny object syndrome“.  Its easy to get distracted with a lot of things especially when you’re new to MLM.

If you want to achieve Network Marketing success, you will need to place your blinders on, and have a laser focus.  And I am going to be going deep into this in todays video.

Focus And MLM Success

Shiny objects could be anything. Usually a new Network Marketing company which promises you they will pay into infinity, and you can get in on the “ground floor” to shiny new lead generation systems which promise to do EVERYTHING for you, including prospect sort, and fetch you pizza at the same time.

It could even be some people claiming they can show you some so called new school method of prospecting which does not involve you building an actual connection with a human being.

The mistake most people make is they abandon their primary focus, which is to build their primary MLM, and begin jumping from deal to deal to deal, losing money and credibility, and they now blame the industry and say Network Marketing does not work, or its a scam.  Not realizing they cheated themselves out of MLM success because they got distracted.

Every long term top earner inside of Network Marketing has found a company, made that company their home, worked their behind off at it, and created stable long term residual income, not jumping around from one hot deal to the next.

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Now watch this video, where I talk more about how to stay focused and avoid shiny objects on your journey to MLM success!

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To your MLM Success!

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