MLM Success Tips: How To Handle DistractionsIn todays post, I am going to be talking about how to handle distractions.

This is important because a major reason why people do not experience Network Marketing success is they allow distractions win over them.

So grab a pen and paper, and take some notes.

I will share some serious MLM success tips to help you take care of that, once and for all.

How People Get Distracted

People get distracted from reaching success when they stop focusing on their goals.  Here is a great quote I love about obstacles and distractions which sums it up:

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes of your goals”– Henry Ford (Click to tweet).

The truth is distractions can come at you from different angles:

Friends and family–  This could be them telling you you made a bad and foolish decision to get involved in Network Marketing. Since most of us crave validation from friends and family, this is a major reason people quit.

Company under attack– From time to time, the government might just decide to pick on a particular MLM company. When this happens, a lot of times, others will be like “we knew this was going to happen and we told you not to join in the beginning”. If you do not have a strong leaders heart, and this happens, you will allow yourself to get distracted.

Team members dropping out and team apathy

This looks small and subtle, but is the most discouraging. Putting effort into training and building your team and no one is ready to run with you!  Check out a training I did on handling apathy in your MLM business!

MLM Success Tips For Handling Distraction

First, you need to adjust your mindset about distractions.

Here is a great quote by Jim Rohn (RIP)  “Its not the blowing of the wind, its the set of the sail” (Click To Tweet).

All of us have encountered distractions at some time in our lives, but the important thing is NOT to let them stop you, and to keep going. Its not the distraction that matters, but HOW you choose to react to them.

Check out this video where I share more  MLM Success Tips for dealing with distractions.

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