MLM Success: What Vision Can Do For You If you have yet to experience MLM Success then todays post might be one of the most important blog posts you might read.

Lots of people think that MLM success is a matter of knowing the right words or scripts to use, but it goes deeper than that.

I’m going to share how having a vision or not having one plays a major role in your Network Marketing Success!

Why Are You Not Yet Experiencing MLM Success?

I once sent an email to my mentor, Ray Higdon, asking about the little tweaks that separate an MLM grinder from an MLM top earner, and his reply was its always mindset, then the skills.

Your Mindset is dictated, I believe by your vision. Your vision of who you want to become. Most people struggling to experience MLM success have not sat down to craft a vision of how success will look like for them.

“You don’t get what you want, you get what you picture”. (Click To Tweet)

Vision is different from goals. With a vision, you need to add flesh, feelings, and emotion.

So lets take an example.

You want to qualify for the next rank in your Network Marketing Company.

How does it feel like, logging into your back office and seeing your new rank and sales volume?

Hows it like having your upline call you to congratulate you?

Can you imagine the feeling of walking up on the stage, collecting your award?

Thats How To Craft A Vision.

How A Vision Can Help You With MLM Success

Vision Keeps You Consistent–  My vision of who I want to become and what I want to achieve in Network Marketing, makes me carry out two actions daily. I create a piece of content, and I prospect at least 10 people a day on social media and other channels. I don’t feel like it all the time, but the vision pulls me.

“Pain Pushes You Till The Vision Pulls You” (Click To Tweet)

Vision Pushes You Through The Tough Days– Its hard at times to stay consistent. There are times I do not want to talk to  anyone or prospect. At times I might slip up and miss some days, but my vision gets me back on track.

Your Vision Makes You Attractive–  Once you have a compelling vision, you begin to attract people, circumstances and  things  to help you achieve your vision. Its just the way it works. Also, people are attracted to men and women of strong vision, whom they can follow. Having a vision kind of helps you shape reality, and everything around you is FORCED to conform to  your vision of reality. Check out Steve Jobs as an example.

I hope you got serious value from this blog post. I hope that after reading this, IF you are serious about creating MLM success, that you sit down and craft a compelling vision and go out and play big.

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To your MLM success!

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