MLM Tips: How To Handle ApathyIf you have recruited a bunch of people into your business opportunity and they aren’t doing anything, then todays post will help you.

If what I wrote in the previous sentence describes you, then it means you are experiencing MLM apathy in your business. Apathy generally means “lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern”.

In today’s post, I am going to sharing some major MLM Tips on how to handle a major MLM obstacle, which is MLM apathy.

MLM Tips: Handling MLM Apathy

A major frustration of people in our industry is that they recruit a lot of people who do not do anything.  A lady in my company once shared how she recruited 65 people and only one person was active.

The truth is that life happens to us all, and we all have different ways of responding, and the same applies in your MLM business. Now the truth is that people, for a variety of reasons will join you and not do anything at all, or even drop out for the following reasons:

  1. Life Matters– Maybe a death in the family, a major financial loss, or a relocation
  2. They discover that this business requires hard work and dedication plus serious personal development and then they run away.

Having these two points above at the back of your mind is one of the most powerful MLM tips I can give you.

A Short Story On MLM Obstacles

In “your first year in Network Marketing”, Mark Yarnell (RIP) tells a story of how he invited 200 people to come to his home to watch an opportunity video.

Out of 200, 80 declined (MLM Rejection).

Out of the 120 who were supposed to show up, only 70 arrived (MLM Deception)

Out of the 70 who watched the video, 57 said no, and only 13 signed up.

In a couple of months, 12 out of the 13 left leaving only 1 active distributor (apathy, todays post) + MLM attrition.

Can you see the numbers?  Everyone in Network Marketing has a different set of odds. Your job is keep going till you find your own odds.

You can read the full article containing the story I shared, from Tim Sales Blog, The 4 unavoidable enemies of Network Marketing.

Check out this video where I share more MLM tips on overcoming apathy in your Network Marketing Business

Did you get value from these MLM tips I shared in the video above? Understanding that MLM apathy will always occur will make you stronger and more determined to keep recruiting till you find those people who want to succeed like you. A final  tip for you regarding apathy is this. If people drop out, show them love and don’t make them enemies. They just might come back! Relationships are all thats important in our profession.

If you got value, like, comment, and share these MLM tips with your teammates!

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