MLM Tips on buying leads for your business.One often controversial topic in Network marketing is if you should buy leads for your business.  I have listened to some prospecting courses by some top trainers who used purchased leads to do live prospecting, and it was quite enlightening.

So is it a good practice to buy leads or not? Here are my  MLM tips on that.

Why Purchase Leads?

For those who do not know, buying leads for your business refers to buying the contacts of ready made qualified prospects who have already indicated they were interested in a home based business.

There are MLM companies out there who specialize in collecting that sort of information, and selling it to Network Marketers. Your job will be to call them on the phone, and convert them into your business.

MLM Tips Around Buying Leads

Some MLM companies have that provision made for distributors.  And to be honest, buying leads has its advantages. You get to practice your posture and your closing skills. Top MLM trainers like Dani Johnson also advocate buying leads for your business. But buying leads for your business, while great for practice, can have its downside.  Watch the video below to learn more.

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