More Network Marketing Team Building Tips Would you love to build a team that sticks?

And are you tired of recruiting people who do not do anything?

And you keep having to go out prospecting and getting more people?

In todays post, I share More Network Marketing team building tips to help you get your team started right.

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The Biggest Mistake In Network Marketing Team Building

The biggest mistake is that most people just recruit people into their businesses and hope they duplicate.

I am sorry to say this, but you cannot build a business based on hope. You need to be deliberate and have a system to lock your team members into you and your vision. So, here are some more Network Marketing team building tips:

1. Have A Simple Getting Started Training-

This is very important. When your new team members join, walk them through the basic processes. They should know how to order products without you, and enroll new people, and understand their distributor kit, and a simple system of how to prospect. If you do this, you increase the chances that duplication might happen in your business.

For the other two tips on team building, watch the video below:

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