Dealing with MLM Rejection
Rejection is one thing that most human beings do not like to deal with . And MLM rejection is one of the biggest obstacles Network Marketers face in building their businesses.

We have been programmed to want people to like us and approve of us, and we like to be liked, and accepted at a deep subconscious level.

The fear of MLM rejection has killed a lot of the dreams and aspirations of people in Network Marketing, and so In todays post, I shall be sharing some more tips on how to handle MLM Rejection.

The Mindset Behind MLM Rejection (MLM Obstacle 2)

MLM Rejection is one of the biggest obstacles you might have to deal with. But It can be handled with the proper mindset.

Here are some quotes on rejection from the very excellent book, “Go For No” 

“While we have absolutely no control over the actions of others, we do have total and complete control over how we react. What if we decided to make each no we received and every rejection we encountered something that empowers us? Instead of avoiding rejection, what if we made the decision to seek rejection? Instead of avoiding no or perhaps simply tolerating it, what if we went out of our way to actually go for no!”  – Richard Fenton. Click here to tweet

“If you’re not succeeding fast enough, you’re probably not failing fast enough, and you can’t have one without the other. So, if you’re going to avoid one, you’re going to avoid both.”
Richard Fenton,  Click here to tweet.

If you’re interested in diving deeper, just click the image above to pick up “go for no”. Its an awesome read!

Some Tips For Dealing With MLM Rejection:

1. Expect it. Realize that you do not need everyone, and that Network Marketing is a numbers game. Your job is to sort through the numbers till you find the people who say yes.

2. Do not internalize MLM rejection and take it personal.

More Resources On MLM Rejection

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Check out this video where I go into detail on the mindset and tips to handle MLM rejection.

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