Embrace the processPeople get frustrated in Network Marketing because most times they do not see instant microwave type results. Ever felt like that? Have you ever felt like quitting especially when it seems you have been putting in a lot of work and gotten no results?

The Law Of Process And Network Marketing Success

In John C Maxwells excellent book “The 21 irrefutable laws of Leadership”, he describes an important leadership law, which is the law of process. It basically means that leadership is a skill that is developed over time. Through personal development, planning and goal setting, and going through the process makes you a more effective, seasoned and mature leader.
The same principle applies to your Network Marketing business. One of my MLM mentors, Matt Morris said “Be grateful for the struggle”. During your Network Marketing career, you will face obstacles, rejections, have team members quit on you, and a host of other experiences. Rather than give up which most people do, you should embrace the whole process as one that will build capacity and character within you, and eventually, you will mature into a seasoned professional and leader which everyone will want to lean on.

Why Avoid The Law Of Process In Network Marketing?

The Law Of Process is a life law, and cannot be avoided, especially if you want to be a master at anything. Every top person in his or her field had to go through a process. In the very excellent book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell states you need over 10,000 hours in any discipline for you to be a master.

Watch this video where I share my thoughts on the law of process, and how it applies to your Network Marketing success.

Did you get value from the video? If so, share your thoughts on how best you think the law of process applies to your success in Network Marketing or your own particular Niche.

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