Network Marketing Tips- Forget Slow And SteadyHave you heard the axiom, “slow and steady wins the race”?

How about “the patient dog eats the fattest bone”?

I am sure you have.  And if you are in Network Marketing you might have heard those sayings applied to our business.

The truth is that at times, slow and steady might not always be the best option. In todays Network Marketing tips, I will share why you might want to have a rethink about going “slow and steady”.

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Network Marketing Tips:  Forget Slow And Steady

network marketing tips- forget slow and steadySo I came across this interesting quote by Eric Worre of  and it seriously got me thinking.  In most MLM training and books, we are told to “hang in there and not quit” and keep plodding away.

But I have found out in my experience that sometimes, you have to put in a burst of focused, massive action or your business will not move off the ground.

Watch the video below where I share why I think slow and steady is dead, and my Network Marketing tips on the matter:

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