Network Marketing Training- 3 steps to easy prospectingIn todays Network Marketing training, I will be sharing 3 easy steps to prospecting.

Are you someone who is always feeling like ” I cannot talk to people”?  Or maybe the idea of talking to strangers fills you with a lot of fear?
If so, I got you covered, and todays training will seriously help you!

Easy Steps To Prospecting-

My belief system is that there is no 100% way to guarantee success, but what I can do is guarantee that following these steps, you will hit at least 80% or most of your goals as regards prospecting.

This Network Marketing training is just effectively another way to set up your prospecting funnel. A series of steps you move each prospect through,until they either see your presentation or disqualify themselves.

So lets talk about the steps to effective prospecting in this Network Marketing Training:

1. Your Opening Line Or Introduction-

This is where it all starts, and a lot of people miss it at this point. You got to be able to have this down pat. Big Al calls this the “icebreaker”. Basically its your angle to begin talking to the prospect.  With your opening line, you want to be spontaneous and creative. You can use anything around you to begin a conversation with a prospect, from the weather, to the car they drive, etc.

Watch this video below where I discuss more on your opening line and share 2 other steps for easy effective prospecting.

Did you get value from this?  And can you see how easy it is for you to carry out effective prospecting in 3 simple steps?

If you got value, feel free to like, comment and share with anyone who will benefit, and I am sure if you take action on todays Network Marketing Training, you will achieve at least 80 percent success in your prospecting.

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