whats your vision“Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course”John C Maxwell from the “21 Irrefutable Laws of leadership”. Have you noticed that some MLM organizations thrive and grow, and numbers are added to them daily? While some organizations are stagnant, and not growing? All of this can be traced back to one common factor, and that is leadership. The leader determines where the organization goes, and how fast it grows. One of the qualities you will always find in every top earner in Network Marketing is the ability to lead and guide their team toward a goal or a vision. So its important to strive towards becoming a Network Marketing Leader, and to also have a Network Marketing Vision.

The Law Of Navigation And Your Network Marketing Vision.

Your success in our profession of Network Marketing will depend on your providing Network Marketing leadership. Check out some earlier videos I did on some of other leadership laws gotten from John C Maxwells excellent book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of leadership”:

The Law Of The lid
The Law Of Process

Imagine an organization headed by a leader who had no idea where he/she was going. That would be an absolute disaster. A leader needs to be able to have a vision, and guide and steer the organization towards the vision. So, if you want success in Network Marketing, you are going to have to ask yourself two questions:

  • What is my Network Marketing vision?
  • How am I going to navigate¬†my team towards that vision?

If you have not yet crafted a vision for yourself, I suggest you grab a pen and paper, stop reading, and craft one out on a piece of paper. Your vision will pull you to take the actions you need to make it happen, even though you might not want to. For example, I am typing this with a very bad headache, but I just have to get this out there. Ancient script says “when there is no vision, the people perish and cast off restraint”. Meaning without a vision, you will not be disciplined enough to take the actions you need to take to make your goal a reality.

If you’re done crafting your Network Marketing vision, watch this video where I talk a bit more on the Law of Navigation and how it applies to your Network Marketing success.

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