Have you ever wanted to build a strong brand in Network Marketing, and the online MLM space? In this interview from Ray Higdon’s Online Virtual Summit, Ray Higdon Interviews Online Marketing Legend, Mark Hoverson, who is regarded as a coach and mentor to many in the online marketing space.

In his interview, he talks about how he was 26, living on welfare, and realized all his dreams were not going to work, especially working for someone else. So he hired a coach for 2000 dollars, and was left with 98 dollars, read everything readable, and went for his goals, without knowing how money would come. Add a pregnant wife and kids to the mix and you know what he faced. But he kept on with a “no matter what” attitude and he began to manifest results. I seriously am amazed at spending 2000 USD on training, especially with a family.  Most people would not do that, and that just shows you about the power of putting everything on the line and taking action. He has earned over 10 million USD in the onine and home business niche, and coached Ray Higdon in 2010 on how to create webinars. I will be sharing some tips I got from the interview that can help you in branding yourself for your business.

Check out the interview here.

Check Out Some Nuggets I got from the Interview

Where most Network Marketers miss the mark as regards marketing.

You are not just marketing to your network. You are marketing to friends of friends, etc. So you need automated systems to tap into that market.  Most Network Marketers do not learning enough marketing as opposed to going, “who’s my friends and family”. Another Mistake Mark Hoverson mentioned is the mindset of thinking its not marketing and its just about the Network.

Content Creation

Most people consume content for just themselves.  Instead you focus on creating and  sharing your content and begin putting out value.

On Branding

  • Most people would value how to training rather than glamor. People are more interested in how you can get them results. Its in training first, and then sophistication and glamor later. You don’t need to have fancy logos and professional photos done before you take action, and begin building a blog or a brand.
  • Branding is about providing real content that is not crap. When people know and trust you as regards that, then you have a brand.
  • Focus on your content and not an amazing logo and website. Ray Higdon was  doing about half a million a year from his blog before he had a professional photo shoot done.

I hope this Mark Hoverson Interview was beneficial to you?  Watch the full interview here if you wish!

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