Online MLM Tips- Educating Vs SellingA lot of people who are promoting their MLM online do so in a not very attractive way.  What you will see is people just throwing their company replicated links out there hoping someone will click and join.

In short, most people are just selling online, and hoping to get, instead of educating and giving value.  Todays online MLM tips will focus on the question “Are you selling, or educating?”

So grab a pen and take some notes, and I am sure you would get massive value.

How To Stand Out In Online MLM

Lets be honest. The online MLM world has the impression of being saturated. Every rep who just joined a new MLM and has access to Facebook is jumping up and posting their links, and vomiting their company information over everyone.  What they fail to notice is that most people might not be interested.

Why? Because people are looking for solutions to their problems.  They go online to look for value, and not your new MLM, even though the latter is possible in some cases.

98% of online MLM people are just spamming and trying to sell.  And the remaining 2% are teaching and educating their audience, and attracting more people to them via autopilot who want to do business with them.

So, are you selling or educating?  Where do you want to be? Watch todays video where I share my online MLM tips on the subject

Can you see why its better to educate vs just sell and pitch in the long run? If you got value, feel free to drop a comment, and share with anyone you think might benefit.

To your success!

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