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This is coming a bit late in the year, but I just had to post this.

I realized after a lot of introspection that I had been playing small, and I needed to step things up, especially if I wanted to rise to the top of the ranks in my primary MLM company and become a leader.

One of my favorite quotes is “In order to have what you have never had, you need to do what you have never done”. So what I did was to enrol in Ray Higdons Top Earner Success School, for people who want to be Top earners in MLM.

Ray is one of the best trainers in the industry and his MLM blog is rated #2 in the industry after Eric Worre’s at Networkmarketingpro.com.

My question to you is this….what actions are you going to take this year that you didn’t take last year, to get you towards your goals? You need to leave your comfort zone, and do something outrageous, and step up.

In Top Earner Success School, we had some homework which involved us creating a 2 minute video with powerful affirmations for 2014. I put this out on my facebook. Enjoy, feel free to share, and to comment.

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