ProMLM training network marketing and Ponzi schemesA couple of days ago, a local TV station in my neck of the woods TVC (TV Continental) aired a show where they talked about ponzi schemes.

That wasn’t bad in itself, but then they went ahead to lump Network Marketing with Ponzi Schemes, Pyramid schemes, scam lotteries, money games and the likes.

Its really sad when people who might not even have read one book on Network Marketing, go on TV and slander a profession they know next to nothing about.

In today’s ProMLM show, I discuss my reply to TVC and I lay down a few points about what Network Marketing is, and how to separate it from pyramid schemes.

I actually sent them this video by Facebook and twitter, but got no reply from them.

Very interesting.

A lot of people need this ProMLM education, so I am sure you will get value. Feel free to share this with anyone who needs this education.

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ProMLM show: Network Marketing And Ponzi Schemes (My reply to TVC)

Take out time to watch this, and get educated on the difference between legitimate Network Marketing and A Pyramid and Ponzi scheme.

I hope you watched this video and you got to know what legitimate Network Marketing is all about.

If you got value from today’s ProMLM show, feel free to like, comment, and share with anyone who you feel might benefit.

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