Psychology of selling-4 reasons people buyHave you ever wondered how to get more customers to buy your product and service?

If so, you are in the right place. IF you can get customers to buy more of your products, then you will have a very tidy profit.

It all begins with first understanding your customer and understanding the psychology of selling.  So in todays post, I am going to be sharing 4 reasons why customers buy at all.

The Psychology Of Selling

It first starts with you understanding your customer. Put yourself in their shoes.  Why would they buy?  What do they hope to gain when they buy your product?

I was reading Brian Tracy’s excellent book:  Psychology Of Selling which is an awesome read if you are into sales, or even Network Marketing, and he laid down some deep reasons people buy…so I am going to share four of them.

psychology of selling bookWhy People Buy- 4 Main Reasons

1.  People Buy To Feel Prestige And Importance-

If your product or service can give the customer a heightened feeling of prestige and importance, then they will most likely buy. Why? Because a basic human need is to feel importance and prestige.

If you buy a cheap wristwatch, you can argue you just want to tell time. But if you go for a high end time piece like a rolex, then you are buying status and importance. If you can make your prospect see that your product can provide him that status and importance, then they might most likely buy.

Watch the video below for more tips on why customers will buy from you:

Psychology Of Selling: 4 Reasons Customers Buy

Did you watch this video?  And did you get further insight into why your customers will actually buy? If you did, feel free to drop a comment, and like, comment and share.

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