On this page, I want to share my favorite Network Marketing training tools and resources.

These are tools and books and courses which are currently helping me rock my MLM business, and which you should be using!

So here are my tools and resources in no particular order:

#1. Best Blogging Course: The 3 minute Expert By Ray Higdon.

3-minute-expert-reviewThis is the best MLM blogging course out there, and will teach you how to set yourself up online, and attract people to you using blogging.

Ray Higdon runs the #1 MLM blog worldwide and is a credible online MLM expert.

I used this course in 2015, and it took my blog from obscurity to being the #1 MLM blog in Nigeria and Africa,and got me international recognition.

Click to Learn more about the 3 Minute Expert by Ray Higdon.


#2. My 5 Day Network Marketing Course:

widget-mlm-recruiting-bannerIf you do not do anything else on this page, sign up for my FREE 5 day MLM course.

In this free MLM course, I go through the basic skills you need to build your MLM business, even if you are just a beginner.

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#3. List Building/Autoresponders:

An autoresponder is a MUSTsendlogo when you are building your Network Marketing business online. It allows you to send automated follow up messages to your prospects which will build trust with them.

An autoresponder helps you leverage your time, and most of all, helps you build your LIST of qualified prospects. Once you have a list, and you mail out valuable offers, you can make money.  I use an autoresponder called sendlane for now.

Sendlane: Comes with a free trial, and apart from normal autoresponder features, sendlane also has very good marketing automation and segmentation functions, and has a high delivery rate.

Its quite affordable, and newbies can use it well! Plus they have amazing support.

Click here to try out sendlane!  


#4 Website Hosting:

I use Go daddy for my website hostinggodaddy.

They are super reliable, used worldwide, and I have never had any downtime with them.

Click here to checkout godaddy’s hosting package.


#5 Instant Recruiting Formula: Your definite step by step guide to getting your first 100 downlines, irrespective of which MLM company you join!

This is my bIRFestselling MLM course, which I put together to help beginners and people struggling to recruit into their business.

If you are in Network Marketing, and struggling with getting people to join your business, this is the course you should get.

I cover everything from mindset, to prospecting, recruiting, and closing, and how to answer common MLM objections.

Click here to learn more about Instant Recruiting Formula.


#6 Magnetic Sponsoring

This is the bible of attraction marketing, and redefined how to use the internet to run your MLM business.

This course by Mike Dillard, teaches you how to attract hungry and qualified prospects into your MLM business, instead of chasing your friends and family.

This course has guided how I run my online MLM business and I have gone through it over 5 times, and each time I go through it, I learn something new!

Click the link to learn more: Magnetic Sponsoring: How To Attract Endless New Leads And Distributors To You Automatically

I will keep updating this page with more resources and tools for network marketers as I discover them.

If you are struggling with your business, check out My MLM Inner Circle Coaching Program, and see if it’s a fit for you.

For a list of MLM books I recommend, click here to check out my list of best MLM books.

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