If you're looking for freedom, money, and the ability to make a difference in life, then stop what you're doing, and read every word on this page VERY carefully...



"You Are About To Discover How You Can Create Abundant Wellness and A Six-Figure Income From Home By Using This Secret System That Is Creating Silent Millionaires Globally, All Over Africa"


 "In this letter I'll show you a little-known 100% -legit Internet business system NOW EXPANDING Globally that has been quietly bringing hundreds of online entrepreneurs success — without rejection, frustration or chasing anyone. 

In fact, with this system ...

You can earn residual-income from other International countries, right from the comfort of your home, even if you have never set foot in an airport before!

Dear Friend,

  • Are you a leader, and a self-motivated person?  
  • Are you tired of various “online” and Ponzi schemes, which you know are nothing more than scams designed to leech you of your hard-earned money?  
  • Would you like to have your own legitimate online business with the opportunity to earn money from different countries, right from the comfort of your home?  
  • Are you inside the Network Marketing industry, but are tired of broken promises, and small peanut commissions, despite your being in that same company for 5 years or more?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then switch off your phone, turn off Facebook, or whatsapp, and read every word on this page very carefully, as this is the most important letter you will read this year.  

Here’s why:

My name is Adewale Adebusoye.

 I'm a Trainer and an Online Marketing specialist with over 1000 students around the world.

I currently run the number 1 MLM blog in Africa where I coach home-based business owners on how to grow their home-based business successfully.

 I have been profiled by Industry publications like "Networking Times" and listed on top 100 MLM blogs worldwide (check google), as well as speaking at top MLM events along people like Cosmas Maduka, CEO Coscharis Group.

I have personally coached loads of Network Marketers on 21st Century MLM strategies to grow their businesses and helped most of them become master recruiters in their MLM businesses.

When I look back, I can trace my success to a little-known simple business system I plugged into some years back..

A system I am about to share with you.

But you want to know something interesting?  

A few years ago..  


 I was completely broke, frustrated and overweight, and I HATED my life!


Its true!  

I was earning what some might call a decent salary, but I was always paying bills and I was always broke at the end of the month!  

I was doing 4-5 hours a day inside Lagos traffic, and working for a boss I didn’t like.. and I hated the office politics!  


I dreaded going to work every day, and I seriously hated my life.  

Until one day, almost by accident, while reading a book by Robert Kiyosaki, author of “rich dad, poor dad”…I discovered an over looked and often-despised business system which changed my fortunes literally overnight…  

In fact, with this secret business system..

I was able to walk away from paid employment and never look back! 

It was incredible!  

I had discovered a 100% "scam-free" way of building a business that lets even the most "timid" and inexperienced newbie build an international business, and have weekly cheques flowing into their bank account, all working from the comfort from of your home.  

Without having to hassle your friends, family and neighbors.  

And only with a laptop, an Internet connection, and an insane desire for success!  

Sounds almost crazy, doesn't it?  

Hey, I understand.  

Sometimes I still have a hard time believing this is real.  

Let me tell you the cold hard truth and what they wont teach you in business school.  

If you want to make money and be very rich, then you need to apply the V-V-F formula.

V-V-F Simply Stands For Value, Volume And Frequency..


You need to locate a consumable product that has serious value, and solves a problem for people. After my research, I’ve discovered that selling wellness supplements in the health and wellness niche is a tested way to provide value!


Lets look at Dr Mike Adenuga, the CEO of Globacom.  

Every single day, millions of people recharge their mobile phones with at least 0.30 USD!  

This means millions of dollars is flowing into Globacoms coffers every single day!  

This is the volume part of the wealth equation and why your product has to be something that thousands, if not millions of people can consume and re-order frequently!  


The product needs to be re-ordered frequently and in large volumes.  

Here’s an example.  

Lets look at your cable subscription (value).

Apart from the initial setup costs, you and millions of other users (volume) pay the cable company every month in subscription costs (Frequency)!  

So at the end of the day, the owners of the cable company smile to the bank, except for you!

Hint: Do you know how much DSTV is making right now from Big Brother?  

I’ll leave that to your imagination.  

So now that you know the V-V-F wealth formula, the question remains:

What Product Can You Deliver, which solves a Desperate Need, and which people will Re-order every month, almost on autopilot?

Before I answer that, I want to you think about this next point very carefully.  

You must first identify a need before you can decide on the value or solution you want to provide!  

So, after doing massive research I discovered an amazing, hidden-in-daylight secret…  

Mans greatest need is health and wellness!  

Best-selling author Paul Zane Pilzer—a world-renowned economist, lay rabbi, presidential advisor, college professor, and entrepreneur, wrote an amazing book called “The wellness revolution” and has this to say:  

"Over $1 trillion of the US economy will be devoted to products and services that keep us healthy, make us look or feel better, slow down the effects of aging, and prevent diseases from developing altogether"  

And right now, the wellness industry is already a $200 billion industry!

So, I can hear you asking, "So how do I grab my own share of the trillion-dollar wellness industry"?  

I Am About To Show You! 

You could decide to  

1.   Create your own consumable health and wellness product, which will take you years and years, numerous failures and lots of money spent in approvals from different governments, and you’d have to worry yourself about payroll, overhead, etc.  

2.   Partner with an existing health and wellness company and leverage their own product line to build your own business, and have your own slice of the $1 trillion industry!  

Since I didnt want any of the pain and hassles associated with creating my own product, I simply took the second option.

Heres EXACTLY what I did:

  1. I located and partnered with a global health and wellness company with a unique consumable product that took care of the nutritional problem.  
  2. And I began to promote that company’s product, and earn profits and commissions, both locally and globally, right from the comfort of my home!        

 Pretty simple isn’t it?  

  • I knew that I wanted to partner with a high-quality, top tier company with a premium product.  
  • I also wanted to be able to build a global business from the comfort of my home, and earn global income.  
  • I wanted a high priced, high value product, which I could sell to high class, business people, and entrepreneurs, and earn high profit margins.  
  • I also wanted to partner with a company which had a product re-order system built in, because I wanted to build auto-pilot income without stress.
  • Last but not least, I wanted a company that would pay me big commissions for my efforts, unlike some other MLM companies who would stress you and pay you peanut commissions..

So, after careful research I finally settled on a growing and rapidly expanding health and wellness company, based out of the USA called


TREVO is an American Network Marketing Company, based out of Oklahoma, USA and founded by Mark Stevens.

Its listed in businessforhome.org as one of the top 100 Network Marketing companies worldwide, with branches in over 30 countries worldwide and counting, expanding GLOBALLY! 

Years ago, Mark’s mum contracted a deadly ailment and she began to take a lot of prescription drugs, and go through a lot of chemical treatments, but here’s the shocking part.. .

The Treatments Had Dangerous Side Effects That Caused More Harm Than Good! 

Marks heart literally broke when he saw his aged mother battling the effects of those toxic treatments.  

He then vowed he would never watch another human being suffer like this anymore, and this ignited his passion for wellness.

 The Story Of TREVO  

Press "Play" And Watch This Quick Video Below!



Trevo is a delicious and syrupy supplement made up of 174 of nature’s finest natural ingredients in one bottle, which works at the cellular level to help plug in your body’s nutritional gaps.


 Some of the herbs in Trevo Include The:   


The graviola also known as soursop, and in other parts of the world as custard apple, or Brazilian pawpaw, has been cultivated in Peru since at least 1,000 years ago. It’s bark, root, leaves, fruit and seeds is used for medicinal use in the treatment of diabetes, indigestion, intestinal parasites and even certain types of cancer.  


Known as the "Queen of Fruits, mangosteen fruit, which comes from a tree that does not die, has been used for thousands of years in Chinese, and Indian Ayurvedic folk medicine in Asia to treat conditions that affect the flesh.  

Rich in xanthones and antioxidant-packed nutrients, mangosteen is a wonderfully delicious superfood which helps purify the blood, flushes away toxins in it.            


 This is one of the oldest plants in the world, used by Egyptians and chinese in ancient times.              

Aloe gel is used for treating osteoarthritis, bowel diseases, fever, itching and inflammation.  

Now There are over 100 more exotic fruits, land and sea vegetables, and minerals inside one bottle of TREVO, but let me share some of the health benefits:

TREVO Supports   

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Fibroids
  • Weight Loss
  • Arthiritis
  • Mens Health
  • Womens Health
  • Eye Health
  • And much more!

You can decide to just become a customer and use the product.

If you want to become a customer, just click the RED button below, and buy TREVO from our online store, and we will ship to you ANYWHERE you are worldwide!


Now, let's have a look at... 


The TREVO Business System   

The power of the Trévo opportunity is the single-line matrix compensation that is new and unique to the industry.  

What does this mean to you, and why should you care?  

Here’s why.  

After you read this letter to the end, and decide to work with me on my Trevo team by purchasing one of our packages, EVERYONE worldwide that joins TREVO immediately after you, is placed behind you (in your business), and counts towards your global income!

This allows you to earn from sales of TREVO globally, from people you have never met, right from your living room!

Crazy isnt it?

But thats not all...

Trevo also has...

8 Ways To Earn Money! 

In the compensation plan you get paid up to 8 levels deep, with unlimited width.  

This means you can register as many people as you can manage, and earn up to =N=60,000 for each person you refer to the TREVO business!

So, if you're an ambitous person reading this (and you are, if you got this far) , imagine if you brought in 10 people every month...

So these are the 8 different ways you can earn in TREVO!

 1. Retail Sales- You buy products from the company at wholesale price, and sell at your own retail price and keep the pure profits for yourself!  

2.   Fast start bonuses and registration bonuses- when you begin to register people with any of our multiple packages; you have a chance to earn at least 40 USD per referral!

If any of your team members duplicates this process of registration, you also get paid registration bonuses on their efforts 8 levels-deep without you being the one who made the referral! 

3.  Upgrade Commissions. TREVO has different registration packages from the 3 bottle registration to a 24 bottle pack.

You can upgrade yourself to the next level pack which will qualify you for more bonuses in the compensation plan. When your team duplicates that, you get commissions.  

4.   Autoship (Reorder) Commission- Autoship is basically your personal product order every month, so you always have products to use and qualify to earn commissions.  

When people in your team reorder, you get paid at least 5-10 USD on each reorder, and this is where the residual income magic begins!  

Most so-called “opportunities” and online scams and ponzis try to deceive gullible people by telling them that they do not have to sell or re-order any product!  

Little do they know that this re-order secret is what telecoms companies, like MTN, GLO, Airtel and etisalat and DSTV leverage on to get millions of Dollars flowing into their bank accounts daily!  

This secret has made people like Mike Adenuga, CEO of Globacom, and Aliko Dangote, the richest black man in the word, billionaires, literally overnight!  

5. Upgrade Commissions- When your teammates from any part of the world order large cartons of TREVO in bulk...well..you also get paid bulk-heavy commissions too!

6.  Global Pool Bonus- This is where it gets crazy.

Trevo takes 15% of sales made worldwide (not profits) in every country TREVO has an office and shares those profits monthly, amongst qualified members.

Just imagine doing the necessary work in your home country and getting paid from sales made in other countries, right from the comfort of your home!

You will literally smile and dance when you learn TREVO is opening a new country because it means more money for you!


 7.  Leadership Bonuses

When you qualify at a certain rank, Trevo provides you with exotic trips and car awards (latest car model) to celebrate your achievements as a top leader!

The car model you pick is always going to be the latest model, and is going to be a luxury model!

 8.    Charity Bonuses  

Are you someone who wants to give back to society, and who cares about the less privileged?  

TREVO’s charity bonus, for qualified TREVO members, allows you funding from TREVO towards any charity project of your choice, and allow you to affect your society in a positively!

Now, you may have heard of TREVO before or not, but lets talk about 

The ONE MAJOR Problem People Face in building a TREVO business, and any other MLM Business In general..

1.     Lack of quality prospects to talk to about your business

2.     And lack of cash flow, which leads to people dropping out of your business!  

You need to realize something very important, and pay close attention...

The "Old School" Ways Of begging, bugging or chasing people to join your MLM business Is Dead…and the Internet Killed It. 

In fact, according to a mentor of mine:  

1. The old school sales routine of cold-calling leads, holding meetings, knocking on doors and trying to "convince" people to look at your opportunity is DEAD.  

2 The fastest and easiest way to make money in MLM today is simply to "position" yourself so only the hottest, most qualified prospects come to you (and ONLY you).  

The good news is that if you decide to work with me on my global TREVO team, I will teach you my secret “online MLM formula”, which will help you make more sales, and more cash…

And Help You Make "Autopilot" Cash In Your TREVO Business!

Here’s a “sneak peak” of what you’d discover when you decide to work with me on my GLOBAL TREVO team.  

  • How To Position Yourself Online on social media, and begin to attract qualified prospects to you.
  • The #1 "clumsy mistake" people make with their mouths that kill their chances of signing up new distributors.
  • My “Niche domination formula” – How to position TREVO in front of hungry and excited buyers online and get them burning your phone battery with phone calls and whatsapp chats begging you for the product!
  • The fastest known way to quickly "position" yourself as an expert and attract leads to you — even if you're brand new to MLM and know nothing about the business now.
  • One on one business and mindset coaching from me. I NEVER abandon my teammates, as long as they are ready and hungry to succeed!
  •  Access to my millionaire MLM vault: My  list of  "closely-guarded" MLM books and courses that have helped me succeed in my business…  
  • And much much more!

I love this already! So How Do I Start? 

It’s very simple.  

But I want to make something clear. 

This opportunity may or may not for you. 

I have zero tolerance for freebie seekers and opportunity seekers who are only looking for the cheapest way to do as little as possible and get big results.  

And I am only looking to work with at most ten people, who I will teach my mysterious online formula, and unleash them to dominate the online space.  

Each Registration Pack Comes With:

  •  A certain number of bottles of Trevo, depending on the starter kit you buy 
  • A FREE product website for you to share your business with people online
  • A high tech back office for you to monitor your company sales in real time    

To join my TREVO Team

Click the Big Red Button Below, follow the steps, and order either a PS2 or PS3 registration package

TREVO will deliver to you anywhere you are!


After you secure your spot on my team,

Email me on ade@adebusoye.com and we would schedule your coaching session almost immediately, and help you get your TREVO business up and running, and set to make you money your first month!  

Remember that right now, you’re struggling day to day to make ends meet.  

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you will keep getting the bad results you’re currently getting.  

If you don’t start now, you will lose yet another day, week, month, or year without seeing things change, in your business or your life.  

Is that what you want?  

I know it’s not, so go ahead and join my Global TREVO team today and let's get you started with my wicked online MLM formula, and helping you make money with your TREVO business.  

I am waiting to be your guide and mentor.  


Adewale Adebusoye Online MLM Coach

E: ade@adebusoye.com

Whatsapp: +2348121917402  Only Monday-Saturdays 10am-5pm (We are very strict about this!)

PS: Going at it alone in Network Marketing is a sure-fire way to disaster.

I know from personal experience.

My wealth took a dramatic turn for the better when I found a mentor who was willing to coach me in my early career.

That same opportunity is now open to you.  

Take my hand right now and I’ll lead you (even drag you if need be) to success in TREVO.  

What excuse could you possibly have for waiting?

Claim your spot on my global TREVO team right now!  

Remember, if you pass on this opportunity you are sure to regret it.  

You’ll be the only one to blame when you gaze into the mirror every morning knowing that you missed out on your chance at success.  

Take my hand right now and I’ll lead you, and show you my trusted and closely guarded secrets to help you succeed in your business!     

Before you check out the Testimonials, here’s a recap of some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you join my team..

  • My “Niche domination formula” – How to position TREVO in front of hungry and excited buyers online and get them burning your phone battery with phone calls and whatsapp chats begging you for the product!  
  • The fastest known way to quickly "position" yourself as an expert and attract leads to you — even if you're brand new to MLM and know nothing about the business now
  • One on one business and mindset coaching from me. I NEVER abandon my teammates, as long as they are ready and hungry to succeed!  
  •   Access to my MLM vault: My list of "closely-guarded" MLM books and courses that have helped me succeed in my business…

TREVO Testimonials 

Disclaimer: Testimonials, examples, and results are exceptional results and don't apply to the average purchaser. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results   

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